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Who Needs IT Downtime?

Thursday, August 12th, 2021

When something goes wrong with your IT, everything grinds to a halt. With most service contracts you have to wait for something to break before it’s fixed, resulting in hours of downtime. But what if you could keep your IT from breaking in the first place?

How to Choose the Right IT Provider for Your Business

Wednesday, August 11th, 2021

Get straight talk from an IT insider about how to choose the right IT provider for your company.…/cons…/free-it-consultation/

The Skynet-Google Situation

Wednesday, July 28th, 2021

The malware crisis is alarming enough on its own, but seeing the reaction of “Big Tech” raises even more concern. There exists a blockchain called “Sia” that was created to be a platform for decentralized data hosting. Anyone can use free space on their PC to be a host, and the data is seeded across […]

Apple Patches: Update Your Apple Device NOW

Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

Today, Apple offered emergency security patches for the iOS 14.4 and iPad OS 14.4 platforms, warning users that they found three separate security vulnerabilities… Vulnerabilities that hackers might already be in the process of exploiting. READ: DO NOT DELAY UPDATING YOUR iPHONE OR OTHER APPLE DEVICE!!! While Apple declined to provide in-depth vulnerability details, here […]

US Intel Officials Warn Us to Beware of Zoom

Tuesday, May 12th, 2020

US Intel Officials warn that Americans are being targeted by foreign spies on Zoom and other video chat platforms. We have been following the saga that is Zoom security since the beginning of the work-from-home boom stemming from the pandemic, and even as Zoom attempts to update its security, more bad press keeps popping up. […]

Artificial Intelligence in the Times of Corona

Friday, May 8th, 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has played a huge role in assisting physicians during the pandemic.  Which may sound a little crazy at first, but if you think about it, actually makes a lot of sense. One of the best ways to keep the disease from spreading, as we all know by now, is by limiting human-to-human […]

Petronella Technology Group Still Open During COVID-19

Friday, March 20th, 2020

Right now, in this time of utter uncertainty, there is a lot of anxiety going around and a lot of questions that just can’t be answered yet: “Can I still work?” “Will I have enough supplies to survive?” “Am I going to be able to keep my home office safe from hackers?” One thing you […]

Why Working Remotely is Better Anyways

Friday, March 20th, 2020

A disruption to your routine, like social distancing to avoid making a pandemic worse, can be the source of stress and anxiety.  If this is your first time working from home, however,  you should know that there are a lot of benefits!  While the thought of working while your children run around the house may […]

The Importance of Working Remotely During Global Pandemic

Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

Working from home right now in the early days of a pandemic is the best case scenario for attempting to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.  A lot of people think this is just another flu, but it’s not, and the differences between COVID-19 and the flu or the common cold are important in understanding […]

Former Head of NSA Left Retirement to Help Cybersecurity Shortfall

Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

There is a national shortage of cybersecurity specialists, and the former head of the NSA, Mike McConnell, is actively trying to fix that issue. McConnell is a DC professional but is now splitting his time between there and the University of South Florida, in an attempt to fill in this gap of about 500,000 professionals […]

Authenticate Your Google Account With Your iPhone

Thursday, January 16th, 2020

Among all the security features available today, two-factor authentication (2FA) is by far one of the most important, and apparently, Google is aware of that!  In their most recent iOS “Smart Lock” app update, they included a feature that will allow you to use your iPhone as a physical 2FA device.  After you set it […]

Microsoft’s Comprehensive End of Support List for 2020

Tuesday, January 14th, 2020

I know you are all aware of what I’m about to tell you, but just in case you momentarily forgot, I’m going to refresh your memory… Every year, Microsoft stops supporting select versions of its software.  What this means is that they discontinue any sort of security updates or patches.   What does this mean for […]

“Project Nightingale” Raises Data Security Concerns

Wednesday, November 13th, 2019

Ascension is sharing private healthcare information with Google.  The project, dubbed “Project Nightingale,” was put into play to help Ascension centralize its patient database for the over 2600 hospitals in its healthcare system.  Patient information, including names, test results, and dates of birth are also being collected by Google to help develop a new software […]

Firefox Critical Patch

Thursday, June 20th, 2019

Mozilla released Firefox 67.0.3 and Firefox ESR 60.7.1 patches and you need to update ASAP. The patches repair a critical zero-day vulnerability that hackers have been repeatedly exploiting recently. Firefox for Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire TV are not affected, but any desktop Firefox is at risk. Samuel Groß, cybersecurity researcher at Google Project Zero, […]

North Carolina First in Flight Again: First UPS Drone Delivery

Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

North Carolina proudly claims the slogan “First in flight” thanks to the first manned flight carried out by the Wright brothers in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Now North Carolina can claim another first in flight. UPS’s first drone delivery was carried out in the state capital, Raleigh. The use of drones is expected to not […]

Data-collecting cars can be a convenience, but they also raise privacy concerns

Monday, February 4th, 2019

Originally posted on RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Your car is spying on you and you probably don’t even know it. Late-model vehicles generate tons of data and automakers are now finding ways to collect and sell that data to third parties — but who really owns that information and should it be sold? For […]

Your Car is Spying on You

Sunday, February 3rd, 2019

Did you know your car is spying on you? It knows where you’re going, how fast you’re going there, what you’re listening to, and more! Where is your personal data going and who’s getting it? Tune in to CBS 17 after Superbowl LIII to learn more.

Robot Fleet Delivers at George Mason University

Thursday, January 24th, 2019

George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia is now delivering food to on-campus students via autonomous wheeled robots. Estonia-based Starship Technologies partnered with Sodexo, a company that manages dining on George Mason’s campus to bring twenty-five delivery robots to the University. There is a $1.99 delivery charge for the new service. Senior Vice President of business […]

Välkommen! Now Give Me Your Hand: The Potential Of Implanted Microchips

Friday, October 19th, 2018

Biohax, a passive near field communications device has been inserted in thousands of people in Sweeden.  Certified biohackers insert the 2x12mm tubular microchip under your skin, usually in the area between your thumb and forefinger.  The chip contains no tracking capabilities, no GPS capabilities, and no batteries, and the device itself is Chinese, with German […]

Security Analyst Jobs

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

As a result of the rash of hacking, ransomware and data breaches in recent years, information security professionals are in high demand. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be an 18% increase in information security analyst positions between 2014 and 2024. This expected growth far exceeds that of other occupations, even […]