A disruption to your routine, like social distancing to avoid making a pandemic worse, can be the source of stress and anxiety.  If this is your first time working from home, however,  you should know that there are a lot of benefits!  While the thought of working while your children run around the house may fill you with dread, let’s drink our water from a half-full glass today and focus on the positive.

Commute Time

Having to only walk a few steps instead of needing to drive some miles in gridlocked traffic is absolutely wonderful!  You won’t get flipped off or flip your lid wondering why you just waited in a stand-still for 15 minutes when there was no obvious traffic obstruction for miles and miles.  Also, just think of how much money you’ll save on gas!  Are you missing your regular morning show?  Don’t worry, just listen to it with your eyes closed over coffee instead of over the beeping of horns and be grateful for the extra time.

Business Casual is for the Birds

I’ll admit that there’s nothing like the feeling of power you get from stepping out in a power suit and commanding the attention of every employee in the room.  But let me tell you something… You haven’t LIVED until you’ve conducted a meeting in your fuzzy robe and slippers.  While it’s not a bad idea to still get dressed like you’re going to the office, even when you’re not, you have to dress down in lounge wear at least once.  You’ll thank me for it later!


You may miss gossiping with your coworkers around the water cooler, or just being around adults in general, but you will be astonished at how much work you can get done when you are working from home.  In fact, you will find that you might often have to force yourself to take breaks, especially if you have older children or live alone.

Spectacular Meals

One thing many might not think of is that you will find you have more time for cooking, if you’re into that kind of thing.  One thing I do is I’ll prep dinner during my lunch break by cutting and measuring, and then when it’s time to cook, it is a snap.  You can also make fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies during lunch and not have to worry about the loud noises made by the blender, or carrying all that food around the office.  It’s a fantastic way to not only start eating healthier, but to stick with it, as well.


You may not be able to go to the gym, but if you have workout videos or equipment at home, you can workout before work or during your lunch break, and not have to worry about showering right away, or changing clothes to be presentable in the office.  In general, it’s just a lot easier to be healthy.


Overall, I’ve found that the best thing about working from home is all the extra time you have on your hands.  Maybe you don’t want to work out, but you can nap in your own bed during your breaks.  Or play the guitar.  Maybe draw or make jewelry… Whatever it is you want to do, you ‘ll have more time to do it… as long as it doesn’t involve leaving the house!

Petronella Technology Group Can Help

We have experience working from home and because of that, we are also the best company to help get you and/or your employees set up to work from home, as well.  We know what it takes because we have been there.  We have found that the biggest challenge to working from home, by far, is making sure that you limit your vulnerability to malware, ransomware, or any other virus hackers are going to try to throw your way.  Though that is, by no means, the only challenge you will be facing.

If you are unsure whether you, your business or your employees are prepared to work from home during this time of the Coronavirus, then, most likely, you aren’t.  It probably isn’t something you have put too much thought into in the past.  Fortunately, PTG is still up and running and ready to help you.  Feel free to call for a free consultation at 919-422-2607, or schedule the meeting online by clicking here.  Unlike hand sanitizer hoarders, we are not going to price gouge you.  In fact, we want to do our part in keeping people safe and are offering some incredible deals.

You can also download PTG’s FREE Remote Security Checklist now to add extra layers of protection to your home office and reduce your vulnerability to bad actors who may try to exploit weakness in cyber security.

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