There is a national shortage of cybersecurity specialists, and the former head of the NSA, Mike McConnell, is actively trying to fix that issue.

McConnell is a DC professional but is now splitting his time between there and the University of South Florida, in an attempt to fill in this gap of about 500,000 professionals nationwide.  He is concerned that America is woefully unprepared for potential cyberattacks, and he’s not wrong.  In fact, Vietnam vet came out of retirement because he is so concerned, and is now the executive director of Cyber Florida in Tampa, whose sole objective is to increase the number of Florida’s public universities’ cybersecurity graduates.

To understand just how dire this issue is, the entire state of Florida had less than 500 cybersecurity graduates; Cyber Florida’s goal is to increase that number to at least 5,000.  And that’s understandable, seeing as how hackers are a  threat to national security; not only in the energy, transportation and communications industries, but also such issues the theft of intellectual property and election security.

And the field pays well; new graduates can start at anywhere between $60,000 to $80,000 annually.

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