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Many other IT providers out there are just in it for the money. We TRULY care about our customers. When you are our customer, you are part of our family, and we treat you that way.

We GUARANTEE exceptional customer service and if it's not exceptional in every way, it's FREE! We strive to be your technology partner and work hard to invest in a long-term relationship with you - the kind that builds loyalty, trust, and integrity in all that we do. If our service is not truly exceptional in every way, it's FREE.

We work smarter and faster than any IT Company in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area. Every time we uncover a problem and find a solution, we share it with our employees and clients. We are constantly collaborating with each other to serve you better. We fix your computer and IT problems right the first time.

Our average response time is just 4 minutes...even to minor issues, faster than any IT Company in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area. Our average response time is just 4 minutes. Our fixed price, all-inclusive support plan includes resolving any issues that arise in an expeditious manner.  Since everything is included in one price, we are highly-motivated to use our time wisely and follow through on all issues to successful completion.

We offer the best IT Security and Uptime Monitoring Service in the world. Our advanced, proactive monitoring service lets us monitor your network 24/7 and detect problems early enough or avoid them altogether. But it's the quality of our engineers who watch and fine-tune the monitoring system that has us miles ahead of our competition. They always recognize the severity of the problem and know exactly what to do about it.

We are a "Complete IT Solutions Provider." We invest in the best IT equipment, purchase the latest software, provide you with the expert IT solutions, and give you the best advice on how to setup your computer network. We are your best Strategic IT Business Partner in Raleigh-Durham, NC. Our engineers are seasoned, qualified professionals with years of real-world experience. We have the latest certifications and technology and are committed to helping you achieve higher levels of productivity, performance, and profitability. When it comes to security, engineering, design, and technical expertise, we are the best at what we do.

We speak YOUR language - No technical jargon or Geek Speak! In plain English, we'll tell you what's happening with your IT network, what we're doing to ensure it's operating as it should, and why we are doing what we're doing to make it run better and more efficiently.

We Won’t Surprise You With Bad News. We will let you know of any potential risks upon evaluation of your network as part of our maintenance services. We will explain any potential risks involved and always obtain permission before we begin work. You may choose to backup and secure your data beforehand.

Freedom From Unexpected Bills. You’ll never be surprised. We offer an all-inclusive proactive, reliable, and affordable support plan, ensuring that our clients are not nickel-and-dimed when they need us the most. Many companies bill IT support through prepaid blocks of time and material invoices – meaning the more problems a client has, the more the client pays. At Petronella Technology Group, we do things differently. Our fixed-fee support plan enables you to manage IT costs and avoid unnecessary IT spending.

In what ways could your business improve if you could only focus on what you do best, and leave the Information Technology Services to someone who specializes in doing IT work efficiently?

If you’re looking for Managed IT Services Solutions & Support, Raleigh-Durham, NC is home to a number of managed services providers – but only one that specializes in helping your business grow with our proprietary managed IT solutions. Petronella Technology Group, Inc. has been providing local Cloud Services, Managed IT Support and Managed IT Services to clients in Raleigh for over 13 years, with rave reviews about our fast response times, quality of work, and 24/7 proactive network monitoring.

Our Certifications Include:

  • MCSE - Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert
  • MCDBA - Microsoft Certified Database Administrator
  • CCIE - Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert
  • CCNA - Cisco Certified Network Associate
  • MCNS - Cisco Managing Cisco Network Security
  • VCP5-DT - Vmware Certified Professional (4.1, 5.1 & 5.5 (Latest)
  • VCDX-DT - Vmware Solution Design Architecture
  • Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer
  • Citrix Certified Integration Architect
  • Citrix Certified Administrator
  • Citrix XenServer 6.5
  • Citrix XenDesktop
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Unidesk Certified Professional
  • Unitrends Backup Disaster Recovery
  • PanoLogic / Thinspace
  • Salesforce Certified Administrator
  • Salesforce Certified Project Manager
  • Zultys Certified Systems Engineer
  • Hubbell Premise Wiring Certified Installer
  • Proxim Wireless Certified Wi-Fi Engineer


Our best customers have tried other providers and failed.


  • We have a proprietary formula that is custom built to your exact business needs. Our competition continues to try and figure out our process and formula, but continues to play catch-up.
  • Our solution is truly one-of-a-kind and unique. It cannot be compared with anything else because there's nothing else like it. Anywhere.
  • You could try one "of the other guys" and might get a cheaper price, but you would be getting a "generic" off the shelf band-aid instead of a custom-built solution crafted to the exact specs of your business.

Let me ask you a question:

If God forbid, you were diagnosed with cancer and were searching for a doctor to help you, would you make your selection on price and go for the cheapest doctor?

Or would you find the best doctor? If the doctor could guarantee to cure you, would you be concerned about how much it would cost?

This means that we solve your business IT problems proactively and can put forth guarantees that no one else can.

Other Companies Say They Put the Customer First, Petronella Proves It.

  • Everybody else makes you sign a yearly contract. Not Petronella. (If we don't do the job, it's on us. Not you). Quit at any time with no contract, no fine print, and no 'early termination' fees.
  • Everybody says they'll give you great customer service, but Petronella has more 5-Star Reviews than all of our competition. Combined.
  • Everybody says they guarantee their solutions. But we actually do. If we can’t fix it or find a work around, your service is free.
  • Everybody says they respond to you fast, Petronella proves it with our 4-minute response time average.
  • Everybody says they'll provide you with exactly the services you need. But then you wind up having to pay through the nose for equipment you never expected. Petronella is the only provider to offer CompleteCloud Services requiring ZERO capital expense. None.
  • Everybody Says They'll Cut Your Costs, Petronella Proves it.

If you have 10 or more users, Petronella can save you $100,000 or more...guaranteed.

  • Everybody else charges you for managed antispam and antivirus. We don't. We also guarantee you will never get a virus or we will work for FREE. With the latest version of our formula, we have yet to have a client get affected with a virus, malware, or security breach.
  • Everybody says they'll keep you up and running to avoid costly downtime. Petronella proves it with our 100% uptime OR WE PAY YOU guarantee.
  • Everybody says their solutions are the best for you, Petronella proves it with solutions that consistently run 40% faster. Run 3x more reliably. Run quieter and cooler at 100% max load than our competition.

Would You Like Even More Petronella Proof?

For more than 13 years, over 5000 growing businesses like CREE, BD Medical, Michael Jordan Nissan, Sleepy’s Mattress Professionals, and many others, have put their trust in Petronella Technology Group, Inc.

So, if you're tired of promises and just want the proof, give us a call today.

Craig Petronella is a security expert and author of multiple books on Amazon as well as recent press in N&O, News14, and NBC news related to Security. Petronella takes security seriously and is the only provider that can put forth guarantees for safety. Petronella was the first to come up with a comprehensive security package to stop ransomware like Cryptolocker and its successor Cryptowall dead in their tracks, and had a 100% recovery rate for their clients that got infected before they developed their proprietary solution.

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