Security Awareness Training

95% of DATA Breaches Are Caused by
Human Error...simple mistakes

It's your data. Do your employees know how to keep your data safe?

With the right training, THEY CAN KEEP IT SAFE.

Compliance Armor Training

Do Your Employees Know:

  • How to Identify phishing emails
  • How to Identify malicious website links
  • Not to send PII (SSN, credit card, driver’s license, etc.) in emails
  • The importance of creating strong passwords
  • Not to share passwords
  • The dangers of posting PII on social media websites
  • How to protect portable media
  • The risks of using their personal devices with company data

Common sense, right?


You’d be surprised how many employees don’t know or
practice these simple procedures.

Security Awareness Training by Petronella Technology Group
It's complete, comprehensive and protects your business.

  • Data breaches are occurring every day
  • A majority of data breaches happen to small to midsize companies
  • Employees need to understand how to protect sensitive company data
  • Employees need training that is interesting and engaging
  • Training leads to fewer PC rebuilds, reduced IT expenses and less employee downtime

  • Cloud-based security portal
  • Online training that employees go through at their own pace
  • Engaging training videos
  • Employee security testing
  • Employee training certificates
  • Administrator training reports
  • New employee training
  • Security tips and reminders

  • What is PII? Including examples (i.e., names, addresses, credit cards, social security numbers)
  • Internal and external threats
  • Phishing scams - In-depth review, videos on spotting scams, interactive quizzes
  • Phone scams
  • Passwords
  • Wi-Fi dangers
  • Physical protection - Devices
  • BYOD - dangers

Many, many more topics. Content is continually updated.

Watch this video to see a sample of the training videos included in this program. It's built to be both engaging and educational.

Can you afford NOT to train your team?

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I would recommend Petronella Technology Group to any client who is looking for help with IT Security for their practice. I have worked with Craig on the implementation of EMR (Electronic Medical Records) in the Durham, NC area. He is extremely professional and very knowledgeable about the current technologies.

Jaimin Anandjiwala
eClincalWorks EMR, Durham, NC

Compliance Armor Training