Zero-Hack Cyber Safety Stack

Some cyber security solutions are too hard. Some cyber security solutions are too soft. Here at Petronella Technology Group (PTG), with our patented Zero-Hack Cyber Safety Stack, we can guarantee that with the perfect blend of defense and affordability your small business’s Cyber Security will be just right!  Schedule a free appointment with Craig, who will be happy to answer any and cyber security questions you have!

PTG offers your business our patented, Zero-Hack Cyber Safety Stack, representing the progressive application of up to 39 proactive and reactive technologies and protocols

In reality, few organizations actually need all 39 layers to adequately protect the data of their company and clients, which is why PTG offers customizable cyber security controls for each client, achieving a blend of a solid defense and affordability.  We provide a comprehensive digital prophylaxis against unauthorized access to your organization’s InfoTech and user accounts.

PTG's Zero-Hack Cyber Safety Stack is the perfect mix of reactive cyber security protection with the proactive work of a fractional Chief Security Officer and 24x7 helpdesk to give your company the peace-of-mind needed in today's increasingly hostile cyber criminal environment.

PTG Cyber Safety

The term "cyber security" describes a set of technologies and services for the reactive defense, often developed from previous attacks and malware—and profiled in a threat landscape and database.

As opposed to the reactive "cyber security," PTG your business with"cyber safety".  PTG's Cyber Safety is a proactive offensive solution against new, ingenious, historically-unknown attacks. PTG's Cyber Safety includes:

  • Data prophylaxis at the most fundamental layer (kernel-level) of data storage
  • Content Filtering by which to restrict user access to popular social networks
  • Geo-blocking of users from specific countries (such as Russia and North Korea)

Four Pillars of Cyber Safety

PTG is able to incorporate our patented Zero-Hack Cyber Safety Stack with our tried and true Four Pillars Assessment, which assesses your business through 4 different lenses, 


  • 100% Uptime: We make sure your company's information processing and communications infrastructure  are always running.
  • Business Apps: Advisories about or direct management of desktop and mobile:
    • Business Application Software (such as QuickBooks)
    • Productivity Software (i.e., Office 365)
    • Website Management Systems
    • Telephony (AT&T or Skype)
  • Shared Services: Advisories about and direct management of public cloud services such as:
    • Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox
    • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
    • Redundant internet service providers (ISPs).
  • Security: Advisories about and direct management all things cyber security:
    • Policies
    • Procedures
    • User training and certifications
    • Physical and digital IT infrastructure

In addition to infusing your network infrastructure with PTG's Four Pillars Assessment, we tailor our patented 39-layer Zero-Hack Cyber Safety Stack to meet cyber safety goals. Unlike other cyber security services, PTG can provide to its clients a fractional or virtual Chief Information Officer or Chief Security Officer.

Fractional Roles

Most small businesses rely on a skilled system administrator or technician for most of their IT support needs.  But most IT techs are unable to provide the 360 degree cyber protection provided by the experienced and certified PTG team.

Chief Information Officers    

Chief Information Officers (CIOs) address a more comprehensive set of needs required by your small business and its users and trade partners. CIOs ensure that the IT resources align with the mission, vision, strategies, and values of the organization.

Chief Security Officers

Chief Security Officers (CSOs) address requirements for higher levels of confidentiality of:

  • Customers and protected information
  • Physical security of buildings
  • Computers and data storage
  • The training and certification of users and technical administrators.

For those firms that require compliance with HIPAA guides, the CSO role can include the continuous management of information security policies, procedures, and technical systems in order to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all organizational information systems. 

Layered Security

PTG Cyber Safety security is layered, meaning our Zero-Hack Cyber Safety Stack will help prevent any damage to your company's hardware, software or electronic data.  It also protects your networks from digital service disruption in the service you provide, by quickly recovering and/or restoring any corrupted data from secure backups.

Effective layered security doesn't just stop at at digital protection.  For a robust and well-rounded cyber safety portfolio, physical access must also be controlled.  System hardware and network access must also be protected from  malicious data and code injection. And let's not forget the risk operators can pose!  Whether intentional or accidental, IT security personnel are susceptible to being tricked into deviating from secure procedures through various methods of social engineering.  After all, phishing emails don't execute themselves.

The term "layered security" represents the blending of more than 40 technologies and services in a way that is unique to your business requirements. 

"Layered Security," in fact, bears some similarity to "defense in depth" (DiD), which is actually adopted from a military strategy.  This particular strategy involves using multiple layers of defense simultaneously to resist the rapid penetration of a strong attacker, and relies on the fact that the attack will eventually exhaust itself, making it easier to overcome. 

The IT use of DiD requires more than merely deploying technical security tools; it also requires:

  • Policy and operations planning
  • User training
  • Physical access security measures
  • Direct IT personnel involvement in dealing with attempts to gain unauthorized access to information resources

PTG integrates DiD tactics in our PTG Zero-Hack Cyber Safety Stack.

The PTG Zero-Hack Cyber Safety Stack layers 39 unique, non-redundant, defensive-reactive and offensive-proactive tactics in its patented digital prophylaxis.

We offer three customizable cyber security options to fit your needs and budget:

  • Basic Cyber Safety provides the minimum level of protection.
  • Advanced Cyber Safety provides for full compliance with HIPAA and GDPR regulation
  • Unhackable Cyber Safety provides complete solution that, despite global white-hat hacking contests, have not ever been defeated. 

PTG Basic Cyber Safety

PTG's Basic Cyber Safety package addresses the technical and human aspects for preventing unwanted intrusions and theft. Below you will find summaries of the key features of Basic Cyber Safety:

PTG Basic Pillar One: Uptime

Your information processing and communications infrastructure is always on with PTG's Zero-Hack Maintenance, which offers remote monitoring and management.

  • Description: Proactive monitoring of threat landscape and direct surveillance of malicious penetration attempts, weekly updates of end-user and server security software
  • Role: IT Specialist Level II

PTG Basic Pillar Two: Business Apps

We offer advisory and/or direct management of desktop and mobile business application software with PTG's Zero-Hack MS Office 365 Patented digital prophylaxis.

  • Description: Maximum security configuration with:
    • Notifications for any unusual behavior (changes to mailboxes, forwarding, rules, logins, etc.)  
    • Implemention and monitoring of the two-factor user authentication
  • Role: Chief Security Officer

PTG Basic Pillar Three: Shared Services

PTG's Zero-Hack Virtual Private Network is a patented digital prophylaxis for remote access from any public network that will allow us to advise and directly management your public cloud services, VPNs, ISPs, etc...

  • Description: We ensure your Public WiFi is secure with:
    • Tunneling: Users may use any WiFi network with assured privacy
    • Encrypted Access: Defeats WiFi network sniffing and capture of user credentials
  • Role: Chief Security Officer

PTG Basic Pillar Four: Security

PTG will advise and directly manage all cyber security policies, procedures, user training and certifications, and physical and digital IT infrastructure.  We are able to do this for your business using PTG's Zero-Hack User Certification which isCyber Security hygiene for you and your employees

  • Description: Online training and certification of users in the basics of:
    • Confidentiality
    • Malicious intents
    • Anti-phishing
    • Password best practices
    • Encryption of laptops
    • Use of public WiFi
  • Role: Chief Security Officer

Please keep in mind that while this level is perfectly sufficient for many businesses, PTG's Basic Cyber Safety package represents a minimum security measure. It does not satisfy the more rigorous requirements for compliance with HIPAA, NIST, DFARS or GDPR, which is why we also offer PTG's Advanced Cyber Safety package and PTG's Unhackable Cyber Safety package.

PTG Advanced Cyber Safety

With PTG's Advanced Cyber Safety package you get all the security controls of the Basic Cyber Safety program, with additional services and technologies that will help you achieve compliance with HIPAA, DFARS, NIST, GDPR, etc...

PTG Advanced Pillar One: Uptime

In addition to PTG's Zero-Hack Maintenance, you will also receive:

  • PTG's Office 365 Email
    • Role: Chief Security Officer
    • Description: 100% Uptime, which is a patented digital prophylaxis that guarantees that your users will have send/receive email capabilities and addresses downtime of Office 365, as well as: 
      • Email Shadowing 90 days of instant email recovery of any inbound or outbound message…not provided Microsoft support 
      • Email Continuity Office 365 has and will go offline, with PTG Continuity you will be able to receive and respond to mission critical email even if 365 becomes unavailable
      • Email Queuing PTG will immediately queue all email 30 Days the mail host becomes unavailable
      • Email Protection 17 layers of Anti-virus, phishing and spam blocking power utilizing the lowest false positive system ever invented
      • Outbound Smart Host with admin and user notifications and easy release system, along with a Dedicated IP address assigned to your account. Microsoft puts you in a shared pool creating a high probability of getting blacklisted as a result of another 365 clients with bad sending practices.
      • Admin notification of quarantined emails
      • Live expert help desk
      • Redundancy
  • PTG Help Desk which gives you phone and secure remote mirroring of end-user computers and mobile devices
    • Role: IT Specialist Level II
    • Description: Certified IT support specialist, available 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST) in 10-hour blocks for a 12-month contract (extended service hours and onsite service available in the Unhackable Cyber Safety programs)

PTG Advanced Pillar Two: Business Apps

We offer advisory and/or direct management of desktop and mobile business application software with the same Zero-Hack MS Office 365 Patented digital prophylaxis that we offer in our Basic package, in addition to the following Advanced Cyber Safety Capabilities:

  • PTG Zero-Hack Email Encryption Patented digital prophylaxis for all email exchanges
    • Role: Chief Security Officer
    • Description: Email Encryption that allows you to:
      • Send, receive, forward, and reply to secure messages without additional special software 
      • Make encrypted email communications easily accessible for the intended recipient.
      • Easily access the authorized end-user from any webmail account (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.)
      • Automatically re-route PII/PHI to enforce encryption and comply with HIPAA Email content filtering
  • PTG Encrypted Browsers Patented digital prophylaxis for end-user browsers on desktops and mobile devices
    • Role: Chief Security Officer
    • Description: Browser Enhancements that allow for:
      • Enforced Secure Browsing: Alerts users before accessing insecure or unprotected website, resubmitting unsecured user access request as a secure HTTPS command
      • Malware Domain Blocking: multi-layer protection
      • Tracking protection: Identifies and blocks user trackers
  • PTG Zero-Hack Website Patented digital prophylaxis for your website, blogs and related media
    • Role: Chief Security Officer
    • Description: Secures your websites and related media with:
      • Transport Layer Security (TLS) that replaces the older Secure Socket Layers (SSL)
      • Website content backup: Web pages, files, videos
      • Visitor Geo-blocking: Prevent users from named countries to access website 
      • Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) protection: stops high-volume spam traffic from shutting down your Websites

PTG Advanced Pillar Three: Shared Services

Your business gets  all the benefits of PTG's Zero-Hack Virtual Private Network, as well as PTG's Zero-Hack Cloud Storage

  • Role: Chief Security Officer
  • Description: HIPAA/GDPR compliance for 500GB secure storage for up to five (5) named users, which includes Secure Replacement Microsoft OneDrive that allows for:
    • Enterprise file sync and sharing 
    • Improved levels permissions, files control, reporting, auditing, 
    • Remote wipes of stolen or lost computers or smartphones.

PTG Advanced Pillar Four: Security

Not only will you get our Zero-Hack User Certification, but PTG's Advanced Cyber Safety capabilities supplies you with:

  • PTG Business Associate Agreement
    • Role: Chief Security Officer
    • Description: Legal contract that certifies full compliance of HIPAA guidelines and describes permitted usage of protected health information
  • PTG Breach Reporting Service
    • Role: Chief Security Officer
    • Description: Patented monitoring and reporting service that provides your practice with:
      • Translation of 300+ regulatory sets from 105 sovereign nation
      • Automated reporting to relevant agencies by Certified Information Privacy Professionals (CIPP-certified) 
      • Proprietary algorithm comparing incident data to business rules generated based on regulatory drivers
      • 24/7/365 availability with an SLA of 2 hours
      • Service in continuous use since 2012 with 100% resolution of all cases
      • Regulatory reporting analysis 
        • Harm threshold            
        • Location of affected individual (long reach)
        • Was there unauthorized access?   
        • Controller vs. Processor  (data owner vs. vendor)
        • Is the data computerized?
        • Timeframe for reporting
        • Is it encrypted / redacted data?  
        • Law enforcement notification/delay
        • Was the encryption key obtained?
        • Consumer notification requirements
        • Type of data: AG, CRA, or other agency reporting
        • Number of record
  • PTG Zero-Hack User Access Control Patented digital prophylaxis
    • Role: Chief Security Officer
    • Description: Advanced two-factor user authentication, which:
      • Is an “Overlay” to all business applications and shared services
      • Includes mandatory compliance of all users by applications:
        • Office 365
        • Payment systems
        • Mobile SMS PIN numbers. 
  • PTG Encrypted Password Vault
    • Role: Chief Security Officer
    • Description: Advanced Biometric fingerprint reader paired with an encrypted password manager/database system that helps generate/use complex passwords.
  • PTG Zero-Hack Network 
    • Role: Chief Security Officer
    • Description: Patented digital prophylaxis with a hardware Managed Security Appliance with On-Premise hardware that uses:
      • Advanced software
      • Intrusion detection systems (IDS)
      • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
      • Managed Switch with Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) Security
      • Managed, Secure Wireless (WiFi) with Stealth SSID and MAC Address Security.
      • Transport Layer Security (TLS) that replaces the older Secure Socket Layers (SSL)
      • Content Filtering that restricts user access to social networks and can block certain website content.
      • Geo-blocking of user access to your network from blacklisted countries
      • Secure cloud layers to protect the network environment from unauthorized access and threats.
  • PTG Zero-Hack System Encryption Patented digital prophylaxis for desktop laptop, and mobile devices
    • Role: Chief Security Officer
    • Description: Comprehensive systems encryption:
      • Mac, PC and Linux computers
      • iOS and Android mobile devices
      • 256-bit security keys for locking down:
        • Internal and external hard disks
        • Email accounts
        • Cloud storage
  • PTG Zero-Hack Endpoint Security Patented digital prophylaxis for desktop and laptop devices
    • Role: Security Officer
    • Description: Comprehensive Endpoint Security for:
      • Behavioral analytics
      • Malicious software ID
      • Sysret Monitoring
      • Hypervisor Based Monitoring *(protected sandbox)
  • PTG Zero-Hack Keystroke, Screen and Mouse-click Encryption Patented digital prophylaxis for desktops,laptops, and mobile devices
    • Role: Chief Security Officer
    • Description: Comprehensive user-behavior encryption
      • Blocks user keylogging and screen scrapers
      • Encrypts all keystroke data
      • Blocks rerouting keystroke data
      • Detects and highlights clickjacking attacks 
      • Prevents screen-scraping malware from secretly taking screenshots of your personal information with Anti-Screen Capture
  • PTG Zero-Hack Peripheral Driver Patented digital prophylaxis
    • Role: Chief Security Officer
    • Description: Comprehensive hardware peripherals encryption
      • Uncertified drivers: Displays a warning of any suspicious driver scanners, printers, faxes 
      • Keyboard encryption: any USB, wireless, PS2, Bluetooth, and international keyboard 
  • PTG Zero-Hack Backup Ransomware-proof data backup
    • Role: ​​​​​​​Chief Security Offic​​​​​​​er
    • Description: Ransomware-proof data backup
      • Disaster recovery that safely backs up your data in case you hacked
      • Full restoration of a verified “clean” backup for all desktop, laptop and, mobile devices

PTG Unhackable Cyber Safety

With PTG's Unhackable Cyber Safety your business will receive all of the protection of our Basic Cyber Safety and Advanced Cyber Safety programs, in addition to even more advanced technologies and services.  This protection is so advanced, in fact, that hackers and criminals have not been able to breach these security controls, despite a global “capture the flag” contest with sizable monetary awards for those who'd be able to do so.

PTG's Unhackable Cyber Safety package not only provides full compliance with HIPAA, NIST and GDPR regulations, it also matches the cyber security and threat defense system at global financial institutes and military and includes continual vetting the latest and greatest in security solutions.


  • Effective at stopping all attempts to write malware to the permanent storage of the device regardless of system privilege.
  • Stops 100% of all malware in comparative tests where 8 well-known Anti-Virus tools scored between 30% and 55%”
  • Provides advanced persistent threat hunter/killer ability 
  • Safe to use in mission and safety-critical real-time systems and SCADA environments
  • Provides complete control over USB Devices

Fast, Light and Efficient

  • Saves 7% of the energy consumed by the device, servers run 8°C cooler, saving $60 per server per annum
  • Imperceptible performance impact
  • Up to 40% performance (speed) improvement compared to traditional Antivirus
  • Massive improvement in laptop battery duration

PTG Unhackable Pillar One: Uptime

You get our Zero-Hack Maintenance, Office 365 Email 100% Uptime, and our Help Desk that are included in the Basic and Advanced packages, as well as: 

  • PTG's 100% Uptime Internet​​​​​​​ Patented digital prophylaxis with a hardware Managed Security Appliance
    • Role: Chief Information Officer
    • Description: On-premise Managed Security Appliance with: 
      • Blended (two or more) Internet connections, which:
        • Increases overall speed
        • Includes Failover availability (dynamic switching to alternate ISP)
      • WAN link load balancing 
      • Comprehensive application identification & control capabilities
      • Detailed network visibility and reporting capabilities
      • WAN performance caching optimization (Website content)
  • PTG Business Continuity Patented digital infrastructure and technologies
    • Role: Chief Information Officer
  • Description: Virtualized Servers and Storage Systems that provide:
    • Increased resiliency with on-appliance virtual standby
    • Instant failover and bare metal recovery (BMR)
    • High availability, multi-site WAN-optimized replication
    • Enterprise-grade management capabilities from a single, elegantly simple user console
    • Multiple benefits:
      • Data loss from unplanned outages and ransomware events
      • Complete availability across virtual and physical server systems, with access to data in seconds, not minutes

PTG Unhackable Pillar Two: Business Apps

Not only do you receive the Zero-Hack MS Office 365, Email Encryption, Encrypted Browsers and the Zero-Hack Website, but your company will get the extra-added security of ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​PTG's Zero-Hack Total, which is a patented digital prophylaxis for all IT devices

  • Role: Chief Security Officer​​​​​​​
  • Description: Hard Drive Firewall​​​​​​​ that:
    • Effectively stops all attempts to write malware to the permanent storage of the device regardless of system privilege
    • Stops 100% of all malware in comparative tests where 8 well-known Anti-Virus tools scored between 30% and 55%
    • Provides advanced persistent threat hunter/killer ability 
    • Is safe to use in mission and safety-critical real-time systems and SCADA environments
    • Provides complete control over USB Devices

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ PTG Unhackable Pillar Three: Shared Services

You have access to the same Zero-Hack Virtual Private Network and Zero-Hack Cloud Storage from the Basic and Advanced packages, as well as PTG's 24/7 Support: 

  • Role: IT Specialist Level II
  • Description:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
    • Live phone and secure remote mirroring of end-user computers and mobile devices 
    • Certified IT support specialist, available 24-hours a day, 365 days per year on a 12-month contract

PTG Unhackable Pillar Four: Security

The Basic and Advanced Security Pillar gives you the User Certification, Business Associate Agreement, breach Reporting Service, User Access Control, Encrypted Password Vault, Zero-Hack Network and System, Keystroke, Screen and Mouse-Click Encryption, along with the Zero-Hack Peripheral Driver and Backup.  Which is a TON of security!  But when you subscribe to the Unhackable Cyber Safety package, you will also get:

  • PTG Zero-Hack Total Patented digital prophylaxis for all IT devices
    • Role: Chief Security Officer
    • Description: Hard Drive Firewall that:
      • Is effective at stopping all attempts to write malware to the permanent storage of the device regardless of system privilege
      • Stops 100% of all malware in comparative tests where 8 well-known Anti-Virus tools scored between 30% and 55%
      • Provides advanced persistent threat hunter/killer ability 
      • Is safe to use in mission and safety-critical real-time systems and SCADA environments
      • Provides complete control over USB Devices
  • PTG Zero-Hack Endpoint Security Patented digital prophylaxis for desktop and laptop devices.
    • Role Chief Security Officer
    • Description Comprehensive Endpoint Security that includes:
      • Behavioral analytics
      • Malicious software ID​​​​​​​
      • Sysret Monitoring​​​​​​​
      •  Hypervisor Based Monitoring (protected sandbox)
  • PTG Red Teams White-hat hacker teams
    • Role Chief Security Officer
    • Description
      • "Capture the Flag War Games" with Penetration testing
      • Red team hacking of IP Addresses and related cloud services and desktop/mobile/connected devices (Alexa, Nest, Office security systems, etc.) 
  • PTG CIO Strategy & Alignment Advisory
    • Role Chief Information Officer
    • Description The CIO will provides your company with:
      • Business architecture: Semi-annual planning and review of required business capabilities 
      • Business capabilities: Design and documentation of systems, processes, and accountabilities need to run the business 
      • IT Service management: Remote and offsite supervision of IT resources and exception management 
      • Digital Product Master: Secure, online documentation and mapping of all digital services and applications as well as position agreements with workflow diagrams, checklists, and personal skills-capabilities requirements by company roles

PTG is here to make sure that your cyber security isn't too hard and isn't too soft, but is just right for you and your business.

Sound cool? That’s just the Zero-Hack Cyber Security stuff! Take a look at what else we can help you with:

  • Security Controls
  • NIST/HIPAA Training
  • NIST/HIPAA Risk Assessments
  • Encryption/Decryption
  • Cyber Security
  • Managed IT
  • Blockchain Consulting
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Consulting
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Penetration Testing (Pen Testing)
  • PCI-DSS Compliance (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Compliance)
  • CRM Management Tools
  • Social Selling on LinkedIn
  • Discounted Phone and Internet Systems
  • Data Backup
  • Ransomware Recovery

We are the ninjas of the cyber world, and we represent the perfect storm. 

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