Web Marketing

You can have the nicest, sleekest, most modern and coolest website in the world, but what does that matter if nobody can find it?

It used to be that ranking high in search engines like Google was the best way to get traffic to your website.  Google is constantly changing their ranking algorithms though, keeping SEOs on their toes.  In fact, some SEO techniques that used to help your ranking become factors that penalize a site and cause it to take a big hit.

Content is and always has been a huge factor in getting your website ranking high, and a great way to keep content fresh and constant is to have articles posted to your website.  They’re also great for sharing on social networks.

Search engine ranking is still very important, but it’s now only one way of marketing a website.  Social networking is not only a popular way to gain traffic and become known as a trusted expert in your field, it’s a way to make more personal connections with potential customers.  It’s also factored into search engine ranking.  So if you think Facebook or Instagram are just for the kids, you’re missing out on important tools that can help grow your business.

And of course, you can always buy traffic with ads through Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Most people are too busy running their own businesses to worry about learning how to properly market their website, much less implement that knowledge.  That’s where we come in.  We’ll take a look at your company and your goals and come up with a marketing strategy for your site to help increase and grow your business.