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Custom Web Design

You may find yourself asking at some point whether the current look and feel of your company website needs updating? Your website may look old in comparison to your competition, but in the long run, will it really matter? The answer to that question is yes it will. There is a vast number of studies where a cleaner and more attractive user interface increases the likelihood of conversions for your business. However, if you are still wondering, then you can follow the following checklist to decide whether you need to change your website design: 

  1. Navigation: Is your website easy to navigate? Can people find whatever information easily on your website through the navigation rather than using the search bar? Can find what they are looking for quickly? Does the navigation you have in place funnel website visitors towards actions that you want them to take? Such as completing a contact form, calling you or downloading a free report?
  2. Brand Consistency: Your company has its own identity such as its logo and it's slogan or motto. You customize your letterheads, brochures, business cards etc. to it so that your customers can recognize your brand in every communication medium. This should also be the case with your website.
  3. Readability:  People like to read web pages in the same way they read books. Are you relaying detailed information in a convenient and easy to read manner? Are you structuring pages in a way that your content segments flow into each other naturally? Is it easily indexable by the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing? Can search engines crawl the data easily for creating rich snippets and better search engine result rankings?
  4. Freshness: Do customers find something new when they visit your website? Are they likely to get a unique experience that is different from their usual online haunts? Is your website providing the necessary excitement when it comes to you brand?

If the answer to any of the above questions is no, then it is probably time you considered a new website design. But perhaps the greatest point for you to consider is the proliferation of smartphone devices and the consumption of Internet with them.

90% of Websites Accessed by Mobile Devices

As of right now there are more people using the Internet on a tablet or smartphone than you would find on a desktop. Why should this concern you? Your website at this point is most likely to display well on large screens of desktops, but as those screens become the smaller handheld devices your website needs to adapt and change to make text more legible and make sure the elements of the pages do not overlap each other to create a monstrous mess.

Responsive Website Designs

Arguably you could simply create a new web page for the smaller devices and let the desktop one be as it is. But the market is flooded with different types of devices of different screen sizes. It is going to be a problem if you are going to create web designs for every range of screen sizes. It can take you a lot of time creating those designs individually and even then you are not going to be prepared for a screen size on a new phone that is neither here nor there. The simple solution is to use responsive designing in your web pages. At Petronella we can provide you with responsive website development for flexible designs that adapt to any device ranging from the smallest phone to the large smart TVs.

Website Design Service Features

  • Bandwidth Optimized - Compressed and optimized to use as little bandwidth as possible
  • Browser Friendly – Designed to render smoothly on all browsers
  • Search Engine Friendly – Indexable by most popular search engines
  • Mobile Friendly – Designed to fit most handheld devices irrespective of device orientation
  • Royalty Free Stock Images – All images provided in our designs are provided free of any licensing fee.

Our website design department in Raleigh-Durham, NC is dedicated to building and maintaining affordable custom web sites. We provide the marketing tools necessary for getting the site noticed. Clients can edit the content of their site with an online editor or take advantage of our website maintenance service.

Website Redesign

We take the pain out of redesigning your website whether it's a custom HTML website, Wordpress or other CMS.  We'll make sure your site is better looking than your competitor's website. 

Mobile-Friendly Web Design

We only build 100% responsive sites. This means all site we build will look good on all devices.

Content Management System (CMS)

With our content management system clients can edit the content of each page of their site.  We keep our CMS separate from the live site. This way they are editing a non-production version of the site. They proof or send to others to review before publishing to the production site.

Our CMS also allows clients to edit each page's SEO tags including the Title, Meta Keywords, and Meta Description tags. We also have modules which can be added that allow clients to easily add blogs, forms, photo galleries, and much more.

We have secure, customized web hosting solutions ranging from HTML, Microsoft, Linux, WordPress hosting and everything in between. Contact us today for more details!