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Custom Mobile App Development Services

If you're a business owner looking for better ways to engage your customers, then making your business mobile-centric might be a great idea for you. Mobile devices have become much more smarter and they continue to evolve at a really fast rate to better integrate into the daily use of their owners. That is why the number of smartphone users keeps increasing as the market has been flooded with a variety of different devices which keep becoming cheaper. There are estimates that by the end of 2018 36% of the world population will have smart device in their pockets. This is also compounded by the fact that people are increasingly depending on smartphones to manage their daily tasks be it communication, work, or entertainment. People have begun engaging with these devices on a more personal level, that is why targeting mobile users is a really great way to reach customers.

Why You Should Consider Mobile Apps for Business

If you have a responsive website, you may be thinking that you are pretty much covered across all devices. In most cases you would be correct but handheld device apps have much to offer in the way customers interact with you.

Speed And Performance

Your website always run on one app environment which is your website will render. The same environment is shared by any other website that the user might have open. If your website opens alongside a poorly optimized website that affects the system adversely, your website's performance is also going to be affected adversely. Whenever a browser window is closed your customer's session does not persist and they have to re-initiate the entire engagement loop again.

Rich User Interface Experience

With websites you are restricted to components that are specified by HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Using mobile apps allows you work with more components and even create them as needed based on the experience you want to provide to your users. You can craft unique interactions with customers so that they can go beyond just reading information to interacting with it.

High Standard Features and Functionality

With mobile apps you have access to the core functionalities that are supported by the operating systems, which includes interacting with on-board hardware. Smartphones to are equipped with some really innovative parts such as sensors, co-processors and specialized hardware, you can tie your service more into the real world than you could ever with a website.

Visual Appeal

Your look and feel while being truly customization is never a departure from the overall scheme of the operating system, maintaining both familiarity and freshness in your app. It is also possible to use web UI components to display HTML pages if you ever feel the need to integrate your web pages into your app and they can fit perfectly into the visual overlays.

iOS App Development Services

We provide development for all iPhone devices and are always updated with the latest standards as Apple lays them out. We provide development that utilizes Apple's ecosystem of specialized accessories such as iBeacon, Apple TV, Apple Watch etc.

Android App Development Services

We also provide development for devices running Google's Android platform of all ranges and specification. We also understand new features of every iteration of the operating system as they come out and the different new cosmetic and functional changes as they come. We make it our job to adopt and learn new features fast so you can leverage them to provide a unique experience to your clients.