Microsoft recently released a bunch of patches to shore up security on 81 vulnerabilities, nearly half of which would allow hackers to execute commands on your computer.

The patch fixes a wide variety of issues. The biggest one is a zero day exploit that has been actively used already. It allows a hacker to install programs, create users, and manipulate files. Even scarier, it allows hackers to access and record from a webcam, log keystrokes, and intercept Skype calls. This exploit is usually the result of a phishing campaign.

There are three other publically-disclosed vulnerabilities this patch takes care of. The problems it fixes include redirecting people to fake websites and injecting malicious code. Further, it fixes a recently-discovered vulnerability in Bluetooth devices called BlueBorne, which lets hackers take control of Bluetooth devices and spread malware. Then there are fixes such as a DDoS flaw, memory corruption issues and other hackable vulnerabilities.

The patch fixes problems in a number of products, including the Windows OS, web browsers, MS Office, Exchange, Adobe Flash and others.

Given how many huge vulnerabilities are fixed in this patch, including a number that are already being exploited, you should make sure to update your Windows systems as soon as possible by going to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Check for Updates. Go ahead and do it now.

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