Do you like using Kaspersky Antivirus, or any of their other cybersecurity software? If you work for the US government, you can wave bye-bye to it on any of your work computers, thanks for a ban from the Department of Homeland Security.

We reported a few weeks ago that American intelligence agencies were afraid there may be close ties between Russia-based Kaspsersky Labs the Kremlin. The DHS has decided there is enough concern that the Russia government or intelligence agencies could compel Kaspersky to work with them that they have given a notice that all government computers must be Kaspersky-free in the next 90 days.

Kaspersky, for their part, says that the law cited by DHS in their reasoning only applies to ISPs and telecom companies, not cybersecurity companies. Further, they point to the fact that they work with a lot of other security companies, that only 15% of their business actually comes from Russia, and that there has never been an issue in their two decades of business.

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