While it can be argued that many groups haven’t necessarily had the best reactions to this pandemic that is majorly impacting lives around the globe, one group who deserves serious accolades is the COVID-19 CTI League,  which is a group of 400 cyber security volunteers spanning over 40 countries, who have taken it upon themselves to battle any and all coronavirus-related attacks.

The group includes specialists from both Microsoft and Amazon and its leadership team includes Mark Rogers, a security chief at Defcon, Chris Mills, a Senior Privacy Program Manager from Microsoft and Lead Cyber Intelligence Researcher Ohad Zaidenberg from Clearsky Cyber Security, among many others.

And none of them are playing around.

They are working together as “incident responders” to “identify, analyze and neutralize all threats but at this most sensitive time are prioritizing front-line medical resources and critical infrastructure,” meaning they will work together collaboratively, utilizing their top-level cyber security skills and global contacts to attack any pandemic-related attacks, hacks and schemes.

These are the heroes we need right now, as hackers are taking advantage of the chaos created by the virus, not the least of which includes going after those who are working from home for the first time and may be vulnerable on their home computers.  And while it is great that we have this team to look out for us, they are reactive, as opposed to proactive, because they aren’t psychic.  You still need to be vigilent.

If you are looking for ways to beef up the cyber security of your home office, please download PTG’s FREE Remote Security Checklist.  And please, pass it along to your friends, family and coworkers; the more protected everyone is, the better off everyone will be.  Also, we are just a phone call away if you have any questions… 919-422-2607.  You can also schedule a free consultation online.

Above all, stay safe… Wash your hands and protect your home office.

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