Private data is prone to exposure by an as-yet patched bug in Apple’s most recent iOS 13.4, due to a VPN bypass issue that fails to terminate all connections, thus leaving behind traces of data that are, nonetheless, unprotected.

But as Apple works on the patch, researchers recommend users take the following steps to decrease their vulnerability, especially considering the high number of employees vulnerable due to working from home during the global Coronavirus pandemic:

  • Enable Always-on VPN to mitigate the issue.  This method can be easily completed using device management.
  • Help the VPN reconnection along by:
    • Connecting to a third-party VPN
    • Turning on airplane mode to kill all Internet connections and temporarily disconnect the VPN
    • Turn airplane mode off again.

While these actions will not 100% protect your device, enacting them will significantly reduce the likelihood of exploitation.  It’s also important to note that, the announcement of this vulnerability was fast-tracked due to the increased threat facing the globe as more workers are working remotely due to the Coronavirus.  And while ProtonVPN, the firm that discovered the threat, would normally wait 90 days to release the bug, they thought it prudent to release the information immediately.

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