The biggest concern with the looming storm with regards to electrical equipment is flooding. The simplest way to protect your equipment is to ensure it is reasonably higher than possible flood levels and ensure it is turned OFF.

We advise all of our customers to turn off all electronics when leaving the office for the last time prior to the storm to protect against power anomalies such as surges and brown-outs.

Once equipment is powered off, anything on the floor should be moved to a higher level, such as on top of the desk. Network Switches or Hubs, Computers/CPUS, Printers, Battery Backup/UPS Units, etc, that are currently on the floor should be placed on top of a desk or chair if possible. This is especially important for those whose offices reside in a flood area such as near a creek, ravine, stream, lake, or very low point relative to surrounding elevation.

Take note of surge strips, extension cords, and other electrical wiring that is on the floors. Unless you plan on turning off your electrical breakers, these items should be unplugged from the wall to prevent shorts and resulting damage.

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