Security expert Craig Petronella of Petronella Technology Group said you shouldn’t just take a camera out of the box and use it with its factory settings intact.

“You have to configure it,’’ he said. “It has a default user name and password and after you get it all set up, you want to change the password to something complex and secure otherwise some can go in through the internet and get into that camera.”

Petronella estimates up to 80 percent of people don’t bother changing the default settings on their home cameras.

If you change the name and password of the device, you’ll see it actually go black on websites likes Insecam.

“It will completely come off the website,” Petronella said.

If left unsecured, anyone can even move and zoom your camera remotely and who knows what they’ll see.

But worse than that is your internet address is accessible to criminals.

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