You Need HIPAA Help, In The Form of Cyber Security

Want to know why you need HIPAA help in the form of cyber security? Because good cyber security is the antidote to HIPAA problems. Good cyber security is HIPAA help, and the world is going to have to come to terms with this idea sooner than later.

According to, most breaches in August 2019 were due to hacking and other IT incidents:

“Hacking and other IT incidents dominated the breach reports in August. 32 breaches were attributed to hacking/IT incidents, which is almost double the number of breaches from all other causes. Hacking/IT incidents breached 602,663 healthcare records – 82.56% of all records breached in August. The average breach size was 18,833 records and the median breach size was 5,248 records.”

The biggest barrier to HIPAA compliance is faulty cyber security. Don’t believe the hype- there are ways to make your network unbreachable. They’re just not widely known, because everybody’s too busy paying attention to the guys with the big marketing budgets.

The guys with the good technology get overlooked.

Here’s the best HIPAA help you could ever receive: layer 22 different patented security technologies together. The problem is layered, and the solution is woven. It’s a perfect fit. Or the perfect path, through a nightmare of a maze.

Get out of the maze with HIPAA help.We often remind people that the world is at cyber war, and the bad guys are cloaked in darkness. It’s time to get serious about your cyber defenses, or get off the battlefield that is the world wide web. Patients expect privacy, and anyone who doesn’t take cyber security seriously is putting patient privacy at risk.

If you don’t want to bother with cyber security, use paper files and file cabinets that lock. Do your patients a favor, and reduce their risk.

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