While we don’t have all the data in just yet, one trend that is clear?  Overall Cyber Security in the US in 2020 was just as abysmal as predicted.

Despite all the posts we wrote warning our readers that hackers had no shame and would exploit as many Americans working from home this year due to Covid-19 as possible…  Our warnings clearly went (mostly) unheeded, as we experienced more attacks in 2020 than in any other year.

And this trend is not expected to improve.

With all the drama that unfolded in 2020 – the pandemic, the election, the failure to concede – and all the drama that is already taking place in 2021, it’s likely that cyber hygiene will, again, be put on the back burner, making an already volatile situation even worse.

Russia, North Korea, China… All of our enemies have been waiting for us to slip up, and you can believe that they are well aware of our vulnerabilities.  Factoring in the massive SolarWinds breach discovered just about a month ago and it’s easy to see that 2021 is probably not going to be the bright new year many were hoping it would be.

While we can’t help the US government (not because we aren’t capable, but because it’s not likely they would listen to us), we can help you, our readers.  This is why we created the FREE PTG Remote Security Checklist last year, to help you on your journey to securing your remote workers in a layered, systematic approach.  Additionally, feel free to give us a call at 919-422-2607 or schedule a free online consultation now, so that at least your business is protected against hackers in this new year!

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