Cybercrime has reached an all-time high, affecting business, the government and everyday people. And security experts say it’s going to take a concerted effort to get ahead of cyber criminals.

Craig Petronella, with Raleigh-based Petronella Technology Group, is an Internet security consultant and author of several books on cyber issues. He says there are thousands of vulnerabilities out there.

"I'm seeing more data breeches, more attacks via the Internet that come in by email as well as people lured on to websites that they normally don't frequent or visit," Petronella explained. "In doing so they get themselves infected."

A recent data breech report by Verizon says hackers are most interested in intellectual property -- be it your personal info or corporate info -- and most folks are unaware of how vulnerable they are.

"Most hackers and terrorist groups are interested in intellectual property, in tricking you into giving them information you wouldn't normally volunteer," Petronella said. "Until we understand the value of security and make the proper investments in systems that are needed, it will remain a problem."

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