Real Estate IT Services Raleigh-Durham, NC

Improve your team’s productivity – and close more deals.

Petronella Computer Consultants understands the technology needs of real estate agencies. In a business that takes place all over the map, realtors and staff need 24×7 access to their computer systems in the office and remotely. Networks and software must be maintained for maximum speed and reliable, because every hour of downtime costs time and money.


Technology can have a real impact on productivity. Let Petronella Computer Support show you how we can help.


If your computer network is less than stable, frequent downtime means slow transactions, missed deadlines, and lost contracts – a direct hit to your agency’s bottom line. With a properly designed computer network, you’ll gain double-digit efficiencies. The result? A positive impact on revenue.

Here’s how Petronella Computer Consultants can help:

  • Deliver mobility solutions to keep your team in contact.
  • Increase your staff productivity
  • Ensure all software packages work well together.
  • Protect your electronic files and ensure that data is secure.

Petronella Computer Consultants proactively handles everything an in-house IT department would handle. We maintain your network with a flat-rate, which keeps your IT budget under control. Plus, tech support for your staff is always a phone call away.