Data Breach Response Services

Have you been the victim of a Data Breach?

Stop! Do not touch anything! 

Time is of the essence and you can't trust just any IT personnel.  If performed improperly, you can lose valuable data and information.  You need a Data Breach Digital Forensics professional.  You need Petronella Technology Group.

Prompt, professional action is what your business needs if you have suffered a data breach.  To limit loss and liability to your business, PTG will:

  • Stop the active breach  
  • Conduct triage and contain the virus(es)
  • Remediate damages
  • Recover the recoverable
  • Investigate and fix vulnerabilities
  • Document response and efforts


Our experienced, professional forensics team will not only respond as quickly as possible in order to reduce the damage and liability from the breach, but we will also keep your business safe from future attacks with our guaranteed and  patented Zero Hack Cyber Stack.