Penetration Testing


You haven't been hacked... Yet!!
Is this keeping you up at night?

Here Are the Facts Every Business Faces

The Value of a Good Assessment and Testing Program Cannot Be Overstated

The benefit of a security assessment a penetration testing program is increased security and security awareness for your organization. It provides you with in-depth, actionable reporting and analysis to facilitate your planning, strategies, and provide practical solutions to your security deficiencies.

You will have a clear understanding of the vulnerabililties of your systems and where you are most likely to experience attacks. You will see with little doubt whether your existing defenses are adequate for protecting your organization against viable attacks.

Your high-risk vulnerabilities will be exposed. The most important benefit is that the knowledge gained will help both management and staff to see the “Security Reality.” It will dispel myths commonly held by organizations with internally mentioned comments like:

  • "It couldn't happen to us."
  • "We don't have anything worth taking anyway."
  • "Our system are adequately protected by our firewalls."

A third party offers an outsider's view. This unbiased, realistic measure of your existing security provided by an expert IT security team can identify potential issues and shed light on vulnerabilities we have seen hackers take advantage of when looking to gain access to business systems.

Then remediation are fairly straight-foward using IT security best practices known to address this shortcomings.

While an IT security assessment and associated penetration testing is the ideal next step for hardening overall security of your organization, a program like that offered by Petronella Technology Group is unmatched in its ability to take action and get a well earned good night's sleep.

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Meet Craig Petronella who heads up our IT security team

Craig is an IT Cyber Security Expert who knows how to explain things clearly and implement systems so you and your business are safe. He's a Amazon #1 Best Selling Author as seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX &

Craig Petronella has spent his 23-year computer career supporting such operating systems has Microsoft, Apple, Linux, Unix, and DOS. In addition, he has supported the small business community with the installation and development of complete end-to-end systems.

Craig has made significant inroads in the cybersecurity space and has published pieces in a variety of publications.

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I would recommend Petronella Technology Group to any client who is looking for help with IT Security for their practice. I have worked withCraig with the implementation of EMR (Electronic Medical Records) inthe Durham, NC area. He is extremely professional and very knowledgeablewith the current technologies.

Jaimin Anandjiwala
eClincalWorks EMR, Durham, NC

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