Remediation Services

The threat of cybercrime is the new reality for enterprises worldwide. It is not a matter of if you will be targeted, it is a matter of when. Unfortunately most organizations are not proactive in their approach to information security; until they have been breached.

Petronella Technology Group, Inc. takes on the most complex of environments and supports four phases of security incident response activity:


Detection & analysis

Incident Response

Containment, evidence collection, eradication or remediation


Support in return to normal operations

Post-Incident Review

Including controls reviews, actions for improvement

Petronella Technology Group's Security Incident Response and Remediation Services are modeled after NIST SP800-61r2 and ISO 27035. Service differentiators include:

  1. We respond with a customized response team. We work within customer tools and processes, offering state of the art networking and forensic tools only when needed. Our flexibility provides faster, more effective incident response.
  2. We are on site offering a high-touch cyber incident response plan. On site presence is critical to managing a security incident, interacting with management and ensuring the best outcome for our customers.
  3. We do not abandon the customer once the incident is closed. When a complex incident occurs, Petronella Technology Group follows through on recommendations that are made and supports our customers through the entire cycle of remediation as required.

Petronella Technology Group's Security Incident Response & Remediation Team 3-Tiered Structure

Incident Commander

As the customer’s first contact with Petronella Technology Group's Security Incident Response and Remediation Team, the Incident Commander works with the customer to understand the scale and scope of the incident to determine the size of the Incident Response and Remediation Team to deploy. The Incident Commander is in contact with the customer on a daily basis to monitor the incident status, or to determine if additional or alternative resources are needed.

Incident Controller

As the customer’s onsite contact with Petronella Technology Group, the Incident Controller becomes the single point of contact between management and people working on the remediation of the incident. The Incident Controller is responsible for tracking activities and providing daily reporting on the progress (remote activity) of the incident handling.

Incident Handlers

As the resources working on the cyber incident itself, Incident Handlers are specifically selected based on their skill and experience. The skills include incident detection and analysis, incident control and handling, containment, eradication and recovery, and forensic investigation and root cause analysis.

Petronella Technology Group offers three tiers of remediation and incident response packages ranging from a basic package with an hourly rate to packages with pre determined response time and committed hours of work.