What Are Unified Communications?




Software Based VoIP IP PBX


A basic definition of Unified Communications is "communications integrated to optimize business processes."  Unified Communications, also known as UC, integrates real-time services like presence information, instant messaging or chat, video conferencing, telephony, data sharing, speech recognition, and call control with non-real-time communication services like unified messaging.  Unified messaging includes e-mail, integrated voicemail, fax, and SMS.  Unified Communications is made up of a set of products, providing a unified user-experience and user-interface across media types and multiple devices.

Benefits of Communications

Unfied Communications can send and receive the same message from one medium to another medium.  Using Unified Communications, a person can recieve a voicemail messages, via a cell phone or an email, making it very convenient.  A sender can even send a message real-time, via video call or text chat.  However, a message can also be accessed non-real time through a variety of different media.


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