T1, Fractional T1 or NxT1

When discussing a T1, we also have to look at the variations of the T1.  It can be a Full T1 or a Fractional T1.

A T1 can also be bonded to more T1's to effectively double the speed.

We refer to this as NxT1.  Here are a few examples:
NxT1 connects 2, 3 or 4 dedicated T1 circuits.
The speed then would be 3 Mbps, 4.5 Mbps or 6 Mbps, respectively.

When you get a price on this T1 service you should also ask if you pay for the local loop or is it included in the price from your bandwidth service provider.   A POTS line or (plain old telephone) line will not carry this signal. 

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This service typically has a guaranteed up time and is more reliable than DSL.

Full T1
1500Kbps      1500Kbps 

Note: 1500Kbps is the same as 1.5Mbps
Note:  A T1 can be bonded 

Fractional T1
512Kbps        512Kbps 

768Kbps        768Kbps


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