Typical Home Use (over phones)

Typically in your home you will have ADSL.  The DSL arrives at your house on your phone line and supplies DSL service over the same line.  Each phone location has a filter installed where the phone plugs in, to filter out the DSL signal.   Without this filter you would hear a strange low volume noise on the telephone.

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Typical costs for DSL will be around $15.00 to $40.00 a month.  The closer your are to your provider, the higher the available speed will be.  The further your are from your provider, the slower the DSL speed will be.

Here is a link to a good description on how distance affects the available speed for DSL: https://www.dslreports.com/faq/7284

Although you may be close enough to get the maximum speed, you may be offered the slower ones too, but at a lower cost.  So when you see that discounted offer, always compare the maximum speed offered to your actual location.

Download and Upload speeds are not the same for ADSL.  Download speeds are generally greater than upload speeds.   This is acceptable to most home users since most of the time home users download from the internet.

So just what speeds are offered?

Here are some examples:
UPLOAD                DOWNLOAD         
16 to 640Kbps      1500 to 6000Kbps    


Note:  1500Kbps is the same as 1.5Mbps
Note:  6000Kbps is the same as 6.0Mbps


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