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A Mobile Solution with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync from Petronella Computer Consultants can help you manage your business, increase productivity and collaborate from anywhere, anytime.

Mobile phones that are enabled for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync allow users to access their Microsoft Exchange mailbox, regardless of their

What is Exchange ActiveSync?

Exchange ActiveSync is a communications protocol that enables mobile access to e-mail messages, scheduling data, contacts and tasks. Exchange ActiveSync provides Direct Push technology, which uses an encrypted HTTPS connection that’s established and maintained between your phone and the server to push new e-mail messages and other Exchange data to your mobile device.

Exchange ActiveSync Features

You can take advantage of the features offered by Exchange ActiveSync by using compatible mobile phones, which are available from several manufacturers and include: BlackBerry, iPhone or iPad, Android, Palm Pre and Windows Mobile devices.

Exchange ActiveSync offers a wide range of features and benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Productivity with ActiveSync
  • Full-feature Mobile Email & Collaboration
  • User-Friendly Exchange
  • Secure Mobile Email

In a global business environment where you’re always on the go, having instant access to your business, staff, and customer information is essential. From responding to emails and keeping in touch with employees, to quickly solving problems and putting out fires while you’re away from the office, our mobility solutions can keep your business running smoothly – even on the go.


Exchange ActiveSync from Petronella Computer Consultants, Inc. is quick, easy and economical to implement.

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