Remote access rebooted. Turn your favorite desktop programs into online apps instantly and without hosting.

Remote access rebooted

Turn your favorite desktop programs into online apps instantly and without hosting


Take your desktop apps anywhere

Use your desktop apps anywhere, on any device, with MyQuickCloud enhanced remote access. Access your whole desktop, selected apps or create a virtual computer.

Work on your applications, your files, your projects...just not in your office!

MyQuickCloud Remote Access is our response to today's changing working habits. It is the perfect solution for individuals who need to access their applications and files whilst traveling or simply want to reduce on stressful commutes by working from home.

Share desktop apps with others

MyQuickCloud application sharing allows you to share your desktop apps with colleagues, allowing you to work on them at the same time without disruptions. 

Business owners around the world face the same challenge: how to simply get clients and co-workers to work on the same applications and files?

What if I could transform My desktop applications Quickly into web applications, making them accessible from anywhere at anytime from my own Cloud?

That is exactly what MyQuickCloud™ does. By cloudifying your desktop applications, it enables you and your team to easily access your virtual office in just a few clicks, giving you ultimate flexibility and freedom.


Keep your data safe

With MyQuickCloud your apps never leave your computer, keeping your data safe and secure. And you don’t need to install all your apps on every device you use.

Go full cloud

For a carefree cloud experience, add a MyQuickCloud managed cloud server. We take care of daily backups and updates so you can concentrate on your day to day business.

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