HIPAA Violations Will Crush A Medical Practice Costing Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars

You CAN Keep HIPAA From Crushing Your Medical Practice

"If I had known the steps to take to comply with HIPAA, I could have taken simple steps and saved myself so much money." - Dr. Jason, Cary, NC

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  • Review how employee passwords can be a serious weak spot.
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  • Learn the potential issues caused by improperly configured Wi-Fi networks.
  • Address potential compliance issues caused by mobile device usage.
  • Understand how taking secure backups is key to protecting your business.
  • Employ credit cards best practices to further protected your practice.

Get our FREE Report and Learn the 10 Simple Ways to Keep HIPAA From Crushing Your Medical Practice.

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This is information we share freely with you. There's no obligation to do anything else. We've seen so many medical practices literally destroyed because they didn't take the necessary steps. These are simple steps you can follow to comply with the law. You'll have the needed information to prepare your practice and staff so you comply with HIPAA regulations and avoid the penalties... 

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Get our FREE Report and Learn the 10 Simple Ways to Keep HIPAA From Crushing Your Medical Practice.

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Very Knowledgeable!

I would recommend him to any client who is looking for IT help for their practice. I have worked with Craig with the implementation of EMR (Electronic Medical Records) in the Durham, NC area. He is extremely professional and very knowledgeable with the current technologies.

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A professional with class and an ability to understand the needs of his customers and his service providers.

Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

I have seen Craig grow his business from when he first started with us as our IT Consultant. He is great person all around. Easy to work with, very conscientious on his work, and always willing to help.