"How Do You Keep Security Hacks From Crippling Your Business and Costing You Tens of Thousands"
Written by Craig Petronella

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  • A recent study of over 10,000 email servers found that 82% were incorrectly configured exposing the business to unnecessary email security issues.
  • Hillary Clinton made some bad email server decisions and it cost her the presidency.
  • Hackers FREQUENTLY gain access to data and encrypt business data.  They then demand a hefty ransom to restore a own business' data. (This one is so unfair.)

THIS IS NUTS!  Are YOU protected?

Knowing the security issues critical for your business is the first major step.  Avoid becoming an Internet hacker's next victim.

Craig is an IT Cyber Security Expert who knows how to explain things clearly and implement systems so you and your business are safe 

He's a Amazon #1 Best Selling Author as seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX & Newsobserver.com.

Craig Petronella has spent his 23-year computer career supporting such operating systems has Microsoft, Apple, Linux, Unix, and DOS. In addition, he has supported the small business community with the installation and development of complete end-to-end systems. 

Craig has made significant inroads in the cybersecurity space and has published pieces in a variety of publications.

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