HIPAA compliance is essential for all medical practices and personal injury law firms.

  • Prevent lawsuits
  • Protect patient confidentiality
  • Get efficient

Our Expertise


Every data entry has to be protected. Are you HIPAA compliant?


Petronella Technology Group (PTG) knows the details on HIPAA compliance. It’s a confusing and time-consuming trap for healthcare operators and administrators. The probability of getting it right is pretty slim, the probability of losing money in lawsuits is high.

Our team of experts are confident that we can not only offer you a COMPLETE solution to HIPAA compliance, but we can also guarantee to get you to full compliance in 12 months. Minimize your risk and exposure by selecting the right solution for your medical practice or personal injury law firm.

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How HIPAA Can Crush Your Medical Practice – eBook


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HIPAA Policies and Procedures are in compliance with current regulations, including HIPAA Policies and Procedures to comply with


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HIPAA Training Do-It-Yourself


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