Chief Information Security Officers play an essential part in the success of your business security, yet recent studies have found that only 13% of organizations are truly prepared for attacks on their network, mobile, and physical security. Without a CISO, the majority of security readiness falls on the CEO who usually has an overflowing to-do list already. This is where a Fractional CISO can step in and be worth every penny. Here are three reasons to contact Petronell Tech for Fractional CISO Services today.

Cost & Skills
. No company can afford to skimp on cybersecurity. A Fractional CISO is a shared service making it a financially efficient way to manage and mitigate your business risk. Demands for CISOs far outweigh the supply, and that skill drought is only going to get worse. Hiring a Fractional CISO means you are getting those credentialed and experienced skills and the skills of others in their employ: engineers, forensics experts, incident response teams, attorneys, accountants, etc.

Delegation. Dumping the cybersecurity responsibilities on the CEO can cause significant stress on the CEO and job burnout. It also takes time and effort away from the CEO’s true duties and responsibilities. Cybersecurity is a round-the-clock, constantly changing, demanding job. One minor slip up can cost a company millions of dollars while you battle for attention from independent incident response and forensics investigators. Having your Fractional CISO gives you rapid access to certified incident handlers and helps delegate the security duties to the right person.

Strategic Advantage. Sometimes all it takes is an outsider looking in on your existing system to let you know exactly where your weakness lies. A reputable Fractional CISO is a single point of contact for expert insight. They can describe what other companies are doing for security, appraise your company of up-and-coming threats, and help your company formulate a rock-solid plan for ongoing security.

Contact Petronella Tech today to see just how beneficial our Fractional Chief Security Officer Services can be for you and your business.

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