After signaling that they were going to start taking cybersecurity more seriously, the Biden Administration announced today that President Biden had signed an Executive Order, making the crackdown official.

According to the White House, the Executive Order “makes a significant contribution toward modernizing cybersecurity defenses by protecting federal networks, improving information-sharing between the U.S. government and the private sector on cyber issues, and strengthening the United States’ ability to respond to incidents when they occur.”

The main goals of this new Executive Order are as follows:

  • Remove Barriers to Threat Information Sharing Between Government and the Private Sector.
  • Modernize and Implement Stronger Cybersecurity Standards in the Federal Government.
  • Improve Software Supply Chain Security.
  • Establish a Cybersecurity Safety Review Board.
  • Create a Standard Playbook for Responding to Cyber Incidents.
  • Improve Detection of Cybersecurity Incidents on Federal Government Networks.
  • Improve Investigative and Remediation Capabilities.

We must admit, after 25+ years of the Internet taking over our world and with increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks that it has brought with it, it is refreshing to see the White House taking this seriously.

If you are interested in reading the Executive Order in its entirety, you can find it here.

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