Last week we reported about two cases of CEO fraud, where an employee sent sensitive information to a data thief posing as someone high up in a company.  Now we’ve got two more.

The victims were Campbell County Health in Wyoming and eHealthInsurance.  In both cases, a thief was able to pass themselves off as an executive and requested the W2 information of employees via email.  An unscrupulous employee then sent the requested information to the thief.  Customer and patient data were not compromised, but thousands of employees from both affected companies can now expect their information to be bought and sold on the internet black market.

For their part, eHealthInsurance is offering two years of credit monitoring for those affected by their data theft.

CEO fraud, especially for W2 information, is on the rise.  The IRS is issuing warnings to businesses to recognize and be on the lookout for such fraud.  If your company hasn’t taken the time to train employees on proper security measures, you should set that up as soon as possible.

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