By now, people are becoming more familiar with the term IoT, or the Internet of Things, where everything from cars to refrigerators to light bulbs are connected to the Internet.  Just a few months ago, hackers took over IoT devices to perform DDoS attacks against large websites and services.  What does that mean for the future of IoT?

It’s expected that there will be 20 billion IoT devices in use by 2020.  If the relatively few IoT devices in use now can be taken over by hackers for cyberattacks, what can they do with so many more devices available in the future?

The majority of IoT devices are for consumer use, but businesses and networks will make greater use of them in the future.  This leaves vulnerabilities open to attack every aspect of our modern life, from home to work.  You shouldn’t, however, let this hold your business back from making that digital jump.  With proper implementation and ongoing safety procedures and best practices, there’s very little to fear.  Contact us today to discuss how best to safely move your company forward.

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