The CIA created an app called TideCheck that is a secret vehicle for HighRise malware; malware was designed to seize SMS on Android smartphones, according to a report recently released by Wikileaks.

The good news is that this version, dated from back in late 2013, only works on Android versions 4.0-4.3.  It must also be either physically downloaded onto the device in order to work, or the device owner must open the app and use the correct password (“inshallah” – Arabic for “God willing”) and then choose to “initialize”

The bad news is that this is the older version and it is likely that the capabilities have been streamlined and improved.

In addition to intercepting the text messages, it also allows the hacker (in this case, the CIA) to send text messages by proxy from the infected phone, and It is likely that this malware-cum-app is still being used by the intelligence agency.

HighRise is just one of many “Vault 7” tools reported by WikiLeaks over the last few months, and it is likely to not be the last.

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