What are the most pressing cyber issues facing us today?  What questions need answering in order to come up with a sensible solution?

Corporate Complicity

  • The Issue: While most of us rely on large companies such as Google, Apple, etc., to protect our accounts and information.
  • Question Raised: How can we be sure that these global corporations have our best security interests at heart?

Human Fallibility

  • The Issue: While there are cybersecurity experts who believe that human beings are the “weakest link” when it comes to safe digital practices, others say that it is technology itself making things more difficult for people.
  • Question Raised: Can we develop tools that utilize the best blend of man and machinery?


  • The Issue: Healthy cybersecurity tools often make it more difficult for the user to navigate the internet.
  • Question Raised: Can users and security specialists find a happy medium between ease-of-use and consumer safety?

Security vs. Privacy

  • The Issue: As global and political cyberattacks increase in numbers, governments may feel the need to become more involved in private cybersecurity, to the possible detriment of individuality.
  • Question Raised: Where do we draw the line between security and privacy for private citizens?

Tools of the Trade

  • The Issue: Of the many cybertools available, it is highly unlikely for one single security platform to meet every user’s needs, thereby necessitating a mashup of tools and software.
  • Question Raised: Is it possible for the cybercommunity to simplify their tools so that the everyday user will have true access to cybersecurity?

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