Raleigh Business Telephone Systems

Get the latest features without breaking the bank

When you’ve got VoIP Business Telephone System, you get an array of other capabilities. For instance, if you’re on the phone discussing a sale or a project, you can send images or documents to illustrate what you’re saying, all in real-time. You can even use a webcam to do a face-to-face VoIP phone call. This kind of phone service is easily scalable and can grow seamlessly with your business. You can add users in no time, without IT intervention. With our VoIP, you get the breathing room you need to plan and execute business growth.

Save money and time with online phone services

Conventional phone systems are known for their expensive delays. VoIP puts all that in the past. There’s also no need to invest in phone hardware that will wear out or break in a few years, and the industry’s latest features, products, and technology will be at your fingertips. We manage your VoIP with an account rep whose job it is to get out ahead of any voice communication problems and to answer your questions in a timely way. We’re local, so you never have to wonder how to find support, and we’ve got the expertise to deal with your global communications today and tomorrow.

Let Petronella Computer Consultants, Inc. show you how we can allow your business to start saving money quickly, stay more connected and communicate with your customers more easily.