Think you are up-to-date on your Cyberknowledge? Take this quiz to find out!

  1. Noteworthy Cyberactivists

___ 1. This key player is the director of cybersecurity for the Electronic Frontier Foundation and has researched malware and coordinated security training initiatives.
___ 2. An outspoken digital security and privacy buff, this person gained notoriety after leaking NSA documents in 2013.
___ 3. This cybersecurity activist is known for educating minorities on everything from encryption to cybersecurity.
___ 4. Founded the Guardian Project, a company who develops security-focused mobile apps.
___ 5. A prolific cryptographer and privacy advocate writer who often focuses on questions of cybersecurity.

  1. Bruce Schneier
  2. Edward Snowden
  3. Nathan Freitas
  4. Matthew Mitchell
  5. Eva Galperin
  1. Noteworthy Cyberterms

___ 1. A cyber attack whereby a hacker is able to intercept data/communications by posing as the user’s legitimate target destination.
___ 2. A security measure requiring users to confirm their identity through a second mean of their choosing, usually with a verification code, before allowing user access to a site or service.
___ 3. A program that adds additional security and privacy to a user by running communications through multiple layers of encryption.
___ 4. An wide-ranging attempt to collect sensitive data from unsuspecting targets by impersonating a trusted and legitimate source.

___ 5. A system that allows a user to connect remotely with another network via secure encryptions over the internet.

___ 6. A targeted, malicious email whose goal is to trick a specific individual into revealing compromising data.

___ 7. A communications technology in which only the intended recipient of a message has the ability to decrypt it.

___ 8. Systems that attempt to block surveillance.

  1. End-to-end encryption
  2. Man-in-the-middle attack
  3. Privacy-enhancing technologies
  4. Phishing
  5. Spear phishing
  6. Tor browser
  7. Two-factor authentication
  8. Virtual private network (VPN)


  1. Noteworthy Cyberactivists: 1. E, 2. B, 3. D, 4. C, 5. A
  2. Noteworthy Cyberterms1. b, 2. g, 3. f, 4. d, 5. h, 6. e, 7. a, 8. C

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