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Sim Swap Attack Results in 6.3 Million Loss

Bart Stephens is a pioneering figure in the cryptocurrency sphere.

He is a managing partner at Blockchain Capital, who recently made headlines due to a sim swap attack. Bart didn’t make headlines for any investment insights or startup success stories. He made headlines because of a dramatic crypto heist that saw him lose a staggering $6.3 million. Let’s dive deeper into the harrowing tale.

On a seemingly ordinary day in May 2023, Stephens fell prey to an anonymous hacker, Jane Doe. She cleverly exploited personal details sourced from the Internet and the shadowy dark web. Then used a sim swap attack to bypass the security measures of Bart Stephen’s cellular network provider. Finally, she changed his account passwords, and ultimately ordered a new phone to take control of Stephen’s private number.

SIM swap attacks have become increasingly common. With the FBI’s 2022 alert, the dangers of sim swaps targeting individuals with significant cryptocurrency holdings became glaringly apparent.

SIM Swaps Are On The Rise

In 2021, the financial ramifications from SIM swaps amounted to $68 million. Fast forward a year, and that figure swelled to $72 million. Hackers cleverly manipulate, or “social engineer,” customer service representatives of cell phone network providers. Once hackers glean vital information about their target, they override security and transfer the victim’s number to a new device.

Back in December 2022, Nicholas Truglia from Florida was sentenced to 18 months in jail for using sim swap attacks to rob crypto investors of over $20 million.

It’s important to call your provider to setup a unique PIN number on your account to add extra security.

The Crypto Mogul and His Empire

Blockchain Capital, co-founded by Stephens and his brother Brad in 2013, has become a dominant force within the cryptocurrency space. Brad chose San Francisco, CA as the destination of his formidable fund. San Francisco, CA is home to a number of noteworthy crypto startups including Worldcoin, a brainchild of Sam Altman, industry giants like Coinbase, Kraken, and the NFT platform Opensea all chose San Francisco.

However, success often attracts unwanted attention. As reported by Cointelegraph earlier this month, Blockchain Capital’s official Twitter was compromised when they advertised a crypto token.

The Lawsuit: A Desperate Bid for Justice

A lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California on August 16, 2023. It revealed a disturbing narrative. The hacker not only managed to reset passwords and effectively navigate two-factor authentication measures, but also taunted Mr. Stephens. The hacker bragged about their unparalleled hacking prowess by sending a message from one of Stephen’s own compromised accounts.

In a daring move, the hacker attempted to transfer Bitcoin and Ethereum valued at $14 million from a “custodial cold wallet” owned by Mr. Stephens. Fortunately, an astute Blockchain Capital employee intercepted this, sounding the alarm bells.

The Aftermath: Tracing the Untraceable

By the time Stephens’ cell phone network acknowledged the SIM swap on May 15, 2023 the damage had been done. Approximately half of the stolen funds were funneled into cryptocurrency tumblers. These platforms specialize in muddling transaction trails, making the process of tracking Bitcoin and other digital currencies exponentially challenging.

Stephens: The Unwavering Advocate of Cryptocurrencies

Despite this setback, Bart Stephens remains an unwavering crypto advocate. Bart often counters detractors like JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, who has on numerous occasions labeled bitcoin a mere “fraud.”

Stephens, in a 2017 CNBC interview, ardently defended the world of cryptocurrencies. His message was clear. Before branding it a fraud or a Ponzi scheme, understanding the robust technology behind it was essential. For him, cryptocurrencies are here to revolutionize numerous industries.


In an era where digital currencies are reshaping financial landscapes, the threats they face are evolving just as rapidly. The tale of Bart Stephens serves as a cautionary tale for crypto enthusiasts worldwide. The world of digital currencies offers vast potential. It’s equally fraught with peril, necessitating constant vigilance and enhanced security measures. Be sure to avoid using any cell phone based two factor and instead use Google or Microsoft Authenticator applications.

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