GraphInCodeThe September 2016 Threat Report from McAfee Labs had some sobering statistics.

Ransomware continues to grow, which is no big surprise given how easy it is for people with limited programming experience to partake in it.  Instances of ransomware have increased more than 125% from last year, up to around seven million.

Not to be outdone, mobile malware has seen a big increase, with 10.5 million instances.

One interesting find is that companies with 5,000 or more employees average up to 50 incidents of data loss… every day.  Data loss includes accidental instances as well as malicious ones, but the financial and retail sectors have the highest numbers, no doubt because of the valuable information that can be had from these sectors.

Not all the news is bad though, at least if you’re a Mac user.  New OS malware is down 70%.

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