Our History

Since 2002, Petronella Technology Group has been the premier provider of cybersecurity, IT, MSP, and Compliance consultation.

Since 2008, PTG has stayed on the cutting-edge of emerging Technologies such as Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Web 3.0, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

We are headquartered around the Greater Triangle, but our reach is global.


Who We Are

We have excelled in this new millennium by treating our clients more like family than customers, and are proud to have helped over 3,000 people since we opened our doors almost two decades ago.

We began as part of a natural progression of Process. Craig Petronella was deconstructing and re-building computers as a child, and his interests guided him in creating “Bulletproof PC.” An unhackable computer that was essentially a self-protecting system, it doubled as an idea ahead of its time.

Since them, we have kept evolving while keeping sight of the firm foundation which we were built upon. As computers and that which lives in them develop, we have every confidence that our unique history paints a very bright future for us. The original architecture of the Bulletproof PC is now partnered with intuitive Software that empowers the protected hardware to function at full capacity while never sacrificing security.

Our Vision is to always be on the cusp of change and to keep up with the cutting-edge, so that our advising of clients always comes from the perspective of the Bird’s Eye View.

We are experts at aligning People, Processes, & Technology to create cyber ecosystems that are secure and synergistic both.

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