You’ve surely heard of the most recent worldwide ransomware pandemic by now. While it seems to have hit Ukraine the hardest, infecting government and utility networks, it’s still going strong. US hospitals are the most recent victims.

If you think it’s not a big deal to have a computer system held for ransom, tell that to the people who have had to have surgery postponed because of it, because that’s what happened to ta least one Pittsburgh woman after NotPetya hit Heritage Valley Health Systems, which runs a few hospitals in Pennsylvania.

NotPetya has been compared to the WannaCry attack from a couple months ago because it exploits NSA hacking tools that were leaked by the hacker group called the Shadow Brokers.

The sad thing about this ransomware infection is that a patch for a vulnerability it uses has been addressed for Windows operating systems going all the way back to Windows XP. If you want to make sure you’re as protected as you can be against NotPetya, WannaCry and other ransomware and malware attacks, schedule a consultation¬†with our cybersecurity professionals.

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