Healthcare providers in the US aren’t the only ones dealing with increased cyber attacks.

A new report shows that while the National Health Service (NHS – the UK’s Government-funded medical and health care services provider) was compromised over 200 times by ransomware attacks from 2014 to 2017, the measures they took to fortify their cyber security since 2017 has really paid off, as they have only fallen victim to six attacks since 2017.¬† Additionally, those answering the survey questions stated that the NHS has paid no ransoms since that time.

This, according an investigation that surveyed 245 NHS Trusts, though 50 of those questioned refused to cooperate in the survey.

What Happened?

Following WannaCry attacks, the NHS became more vigilant about patching vulnerable software and they also followed the government’s advice regarding cyber security measure they should take to be less vulnerable, including:

  • Mandatory¬†staff cyber security training
  • Keeping up-to-date with software and patches

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