Medical Oncology Hematology Consultants, based in Delaware, has begun the task of notifying its nearly 20,000 patients of a cyberattack that has potentially exposed such private information as their names, DOBs, phone numbers and health/treatment data.

Though this cyberattack began on June 17, 2017, it was not discovered until July 7, 2017.  Upon learning of the breach, Medical Oncology took the proper steps to remedy the situation by hiring a third-party cybersecurity forensics team to help ensure that not only had the virus been completely removed, but to also help determine what and whose information had been compromised.  Additionally, the health provider has boosted security by:

  • Updating/changing passwords.
  • Restoring files from data backups.
  • Improving documentation policies.
  • Further educating staff on cybersecurity measures, which includes email phishing tests.
  • Implementing a web filtering system and a two-factor login authentication system.

Medical Oncology, as is the norm in these cases, has also offered one free year of credit report monitoring to all potentially impacted patients.

Nobody ever thinks their medical practice is at risk from a cyberattack, but what many don’t realize is that it’s not personal- hackers are targeting your practice simply because it’s a medical practice, and they’re ripes targets for hackers to make money. Contact us for an assessment to make sure your healthcare practice is as safe as it can be from cybersecurity threats.

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