Medical/Healthcare IT Support

Medical/Healthcare IT Support

When you’re running a medical practice of any sort, you rely on technology and just expect it to be there supporting your business.  Regardless of your specialty, you need to be confident that your IT support team:

  • understands your industry,
  • has experience supporting the complex issues that need to be resolved quickly,
  • knows how to work with the different support teams that don’t understand your practice completely, and
  • will be available and engaged when you most need them.

Regardless of whether you’re a family practitioner,  internist,  pediatrician,  surgeon,  dentist,  orthodontist, chiropractor, physical therapist or any other healthcare provider, Petronella Technology Group can provide you the high availability support you need.

Healthcare Practitioner Experience

Among other practice management software, the Petronella Technology Group team is experienced using Allscripts™.  We have a deep understanding of what is required to keep these systems running smoothly and how to most quickly address any issues you are likely to face.  Having worked with numerous practitioners both small, medium and large, we have the experienece.

That means you can focus on what you do best and we’ll take care of your technology needs.

Chiropractic Experience

The Petronella Technology Group team has specific experience using practice management and billing systems such as Kareo and Medicfusion.  We have an understanding of the system requirements for running these systems and other like them .  We also understand how to support the practices that depend upon these systems for their businesses every single day.

Dental Practice Experience

Petronella Technology Group is here to work with you to provide you with reliable support so you and your team can focus on what you do best.

Listen to what our customers say about us.

I would recommend him to any client who is looking for any IT help for their organization.I have worked with Craig with implementation of EMR (Electronic Medical Records) in the Durham area. He is extremely professional and very knowledgeable with the current technologies. He ensured that we never had any issues with the IT infrastructure at the practice and that was one of the primary reasons that the implementation went smoothly. He scored high points with his client and us with his professionalism and knowledge and I would recommend him to any client who is looking for any IT help for their organization.