Managed IT Services Raleigh NC

Managed IT Services Raleigh NC

When it comes to managed IT services in Raleigh NC, not all providers are equal. There are certain things that you really should ask a provider when shopping for managed IT services Raleigh NC.

Managed IT Services Raleigh NC offer many servicesSuch as, how fast do you respond to disasters? Yes, that article is about us. When we were called Petronella Computer Consultants. We are a provider of managed IT services in Raleigh NC who has been responding very quickly to disasters for a very long time.

Also good to ask: how do you proactively prevent disasters? How do you restore data if a network crashes- or worse yet, is taken hostage by ransomware? How do you deal with ransomware?

Managed IT services Raleigh NC helps prevent ransomwareDo you know the right cybersecurity technologies to layer in order to thwart attacks? If you’re helping someone who wasn’t protected, do you have Bitcoin readily available to restore precious data asap?

You would like our answers to all of the above- especially the part about how we weave 22 layers of mostly patented security technologies that make you un-hackable (yes it’s possible).

Or maybe you’d especially like the part about how we own our own data backup infrastructure in Raleigh NC. That is a big deal- a very, very big deal. We can restore you, quickly, no matter what. It takes the “ransom” out of “ransomware.”

It’s a Whole New World

We live in the digital age, and the Internet connects the entire world. Being connected to the rest of the world is critical, and a lockdown of data can be unimaginably detrimental.

Imagine having everything you need to function in life locked into a safe, only to have the safe chained up and thrown into the bottom of the ocean. How would you continue to function?

The question is usually the answer, at least that’s what we’ve been told. So if everything you needed to function in life was in your safe that was taken hostage, you wouldn’t be able to continue to function.

The same goes for virtual reality, which is really what the internet is. We’ve taken everything that we hold dear- our business, aka our very livelihood, and we’ve placed it in a virtual reality. Which is all fine and dandy, but there’s bad guys floating around in cyber space and they are actively seeking out good people to exploit.

Here’s Where Managed Services Raleigh NC Comes In

Which is why there’s a need for managed IT services in Raleigh NC.

If you had a back problem, should you go to a trained chiropractor and get adjusted properly, or should you throw your elbows behind your head and ask your spouse to give your back a good crack?

If you’re wanting to stay healthy, should you go get a flu shot or hope for the best? Which really is a trick question, because we don’t really know what’s in the flu shots. But hope is a good thing.

Managed IT services Raleigh NC is like a preventative flu shot

So let’s go with an easier one. If your car is making a noise that you’ve never heard before, do you take it to a mechanic or get under the hood with your child’s play doctor bag and hope that you’ve got the right tools?

What we’re getting at is that everything has a proper place, everything has a role to play. Providers of managed IT services in Raleigh NC often play the hero role, at least in the cyber realm.

If we weren’t living in an internet-dominated world, the choice you make on managed IT services in Raleigh NC wouldn’t be real critical. But the reality is that in 1984, there was a paradigm shift. Things went from material to virtual, because the internet showed up.

Most people don’t even understand what the internet is, or how it works. Few people know that there are ceremonies done with appointed officials who hold the keys to domain names.

Managed IT services in Raleigh NC help navigate the rabbit hole

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Which you’ll probably feel the need to Google now; we apologize for pushing you down that rabbit hole.

But we do live in an internet-dominated world, and hackers are smart. MSPs can be targets.

Hackers are hacking MSPs, because some MSPs do not excel in cybersecurity. You MUST ask a potential provider of Managed IT Services in Raleigh NC if they meet NIST cybersecurity standards.

“Many small and medium sized businesses use managed service providers (MSPs) to remotely manage their organization’s IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, and related business operations. As a result, MSPs have become an attractive target for cyber criminals. When an MSP is vulnerable to a cyber attack, it also increases the vulnerability to the small or medium sized business that it supports.

This project will provide guidance to MSPs on how to improve cybersecurity by implementing a secure IT architecture that reduces vulnerabilities to attacks such as ransomware.

This project will also provide MSPs with informed guidance that will enable them to adopt cybersecurity technologies and techniques that result in better security for themselves and their SMB customers.

The goal of this project is to provide a cybersecurity reference model that MSPs can customize to fit their cybersecurity program needs.

In the laboratory, the NCCoE will build a standards-based, modular, and end-to-end example solution(s) that will address a set of cybersecurity challenges aligned to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework v1.1.

The approach may include architectural model definition, logical design, build development, test and evaluation, and security control mapping.

This project will result in a publicly available NIST Cybersecurity Practice Guide, a detailed implementation guide of the practical steps needed to implement a cybersecurity reference architecture model that addresses the challenge.”

MSPs are targeted by hackers

What To Ask A Provider of Managed IT Services in Raleigh NC

Ask any provider of managed IT services in Raleigh NC if they practice NIST suggested standards for cyber security. If they don’t, they are a poor choice.

Our standards are higher than those set by the NIST, and may we be so bold as to say that we have a few recommendations for them as well?

Had, is more like it. We had a few recommendations for them. We already gave our recommendations to them.

They were seeking feedback up until November 8th, 2019 on a draft project, Improving Cybersecurity of Managed Service Providers.

We made sure they knew about patented technologies such as keystroke encryption and hard disk firewalls, which really should be required for any MSP.

If a provider of managed IT services in Raleigh NC didn’t have any feedback to give, you should wonder why they have so little to offer.

Or why they don’t work closely with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

We do, just fyi.

Remember that in an internet-dominated world, your provider of managed IT services in Raleigh NC can be the savior of your business.

Do your research, and don’t end up with a provider that is just as likely to get hacked as you are.

When shopping for a provider of managed IT services in Raleigh NC, it’s wise to pick the best.

Be wise, and always seek out wisdom.

Providers of managed IT services Raleigh NC should have wisdomIn this case, you’ve found it.