Just because non-profits are not profit focused doesn’t mean that they don’t still need money. Just like any business, money is what keeps a non-profit’s doors open. Unlike other businesses though, if a non-profit doesn’t receive enough money then it won’t just be the people it employs in trouble when it has to close down, but the people who benefit from its services. In a way, money is more important to non-profits than your average company. That’s why it’s incredibly important for you to practice solid cybersecurity if you work for one, because in today’s world of e-checks and digital currency poor cybersecurity could put non-profits out of a lot of needed money.

As many people in the non-profit field will tell you, the days of donors writing checks are fading fast in favor of digital donations. That means payments through services like PayPal, but that’s a problem because not all online payment methods are secure or simple for donors. For example, PayPal is popular but has been breached through the very security features that were meant to protect it. Just last year an IT professional quickly breached PayPal’s two-factor authentication by simply using a proxy to bypass the security question and posted it on his blog. Even though PayPal is a popular and simple solution to receiving digital donations, when you combine the multiple breaches it has experienced and inevitable human error it’s hard for non-profits to risk their much-needed donations. Plus, if a non-profit is breached their reputation will be damaged for years to come because no one wants their hard earned money going to criminals instead of a cause they care about.

So what are some good options for non-profits to accept online donations through? Here are a few that we think combine security and simplicity well and are good options for non-profits.

For starters, Network For Good is an organization designed to help non-profits receive secure donations from their donors. Their software helps non-profits raise money online while also allowing companies and individuals to donate from their own websites. Plus their software allows for more insight into donations and distribution. Razoo is another site that is designed to help non-profits launch and support fundraisers securely. Even with recommendations though, it can be hard to trust a site you don’t know well with the money that your non-profit relies on to stay open. If you’re looking for a way to be sure that a new online donation service is secure, you can use organizations like the Better Business Bureau. For example, Network For Good is a Better Business Bureau accredited non-profit which means their network and operations have been examined and found to be solid. That’s just one example though, because if the service you’re thinking about using is a non-profit then there are scores of organizations that rate non-profits based on their services and their secure transactions.

The point is you’re not stuck using a well know site like PayPal just because it is well known but has a history of flawed security. Don’t be afraid to step away from what you know just because it’s what you know. Take the time to research and verify the services you’re considering, and if you don’t have that kind of time or simply don’t trust yourself to do it well consult an IT security professional. No matter what you do, at least evaluate your current operations and if it is flawed, and every network has its flaws, figure out what the best path is to fix them. Money is the air that non-profits breath, and without it they can’t help anyone, so take the time to evaluate or consult an IT professional today.

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