DropboxYou may remember a few months ago when we reported that 68,680,741 Dropbox accounts had been compromised.  You could buy all that information for $1200 as of last month, but now you can get it for free.

The password information was uploaded to a website run by Thomas White, who goes by the handle Cthulhu.  He says he did it to assist researchers in studying the hack.

This isn’t the first time Cthulhu has uploaded hacked information.  He also did it for the Ashley Madison and MySpace hacks, among others.

The problem with these hacks is that a lot of people use the same login information for different accounts.  If you have a Dropbox account, there’s a good 50-50 chance that your info is hanging out like laundry on the line for all the world to see.  If you have a Dropbox account and haven’t changed it in a while, now would be a good time to update it.  It would be a good time to update all your other passwords too.

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