You’re most likely aware of the Equifax data breach, and if you’re not you should be since odds are one in two that you were affected by it.

In the aftermath, CEO Richard Smith stepped down, but he hasn’t been out of the spotlight. Smith has been spending time in Washington lately, taking abuse from lawmakers as he tried to field questions about the hack that exposed the personal info of fully half of the country.

While Smith had plenty of reasons for what went wrong, including saying the buck stopped with him and the fact that Equifax’s own scanning software and half-billion cybersecurity systems missed the hole that allowed the hack, he also had a finger to point.

The data breach happened because a security patch wasn’t applied. In Smith’s words, “An individual did not ensure communication got to the right person to manually patch the application.” Translated: “Blame the IT guy.” The thing is, he’s not exactly wrong on that point. If the unnamed IT worker had made sure the patch was applied, none of this would have happened.

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