FACHT Special Offer


FACHT Special Offer


For the bundled price of $900 you get you two valuable blueprints for your practice that normally cost $500 each:

  • HIPAA Essentials Security Checkup
  • 23-Point SEO Checkup

Why do you need these?


HIPAA is a confusing subject, and some of the rules make it seem like the game makers are just toying with us all!  For example, did you know that subcontractors are now held to HIPAA regulations?  And not JUST subcontractors, but Business Associates and Covered Entities, too?  Which means that HIPAA now affects almost the entire country, because almost everyone does business with somebody who does business with somebody who is regulated by HIPAA.

Did you miss it?  We just defined subcontractors.blankBut that’s not all that’s confusing about HIPAA.  Some people even spell it HIPPA! Potato, potatoe?  We say, “No.”

The little details are what make all the difference.  That’s why we created a SIMPLE $900 offer for you. Because to reach the goal of HIPAA compliance and to optimize your online capabilities, you need to know the full picture: Where you are on the road to HIPAA compliance and how do you reach that elusive final destination?

To become HIPAA compliant, you need more than just a good plan… you need a blueprint. Which is exactly what we build for you.  Normally this alone is $500, which is already a deeply discounted price, but when you bundle, you save!

We use cutting edge tools to externally test your site and your network, and we reveal your most glaring cyber vulnerabilities…and then some. A perimeter penetration test, if you will.  It might get awkward because we tell you what needs fixing most immediately- and we don’t sugarcoat.  We can also fix your problems for you, but that will cost a little more.  But we will help you pay for that!  How?  With our 23-Point SEO Checkup.

Part Two: 23-Point SEO Checkup

Most businesses could use more business. How do you get business in the 21st century?  Google!

blankSo we do a 23-Point Technical SEO Checkup, and we find out EXACTLY why you rank where you do in Google search.  We will give you another blueprint… this one tells you how to immediately increase your Google ranking.

Here’s a freebie: there was another algorithm update in September, and again in October (2019).  Quality content will far outperform filler content.  Why?  Artificial Intelligence is getting REAL intelligent.  Lucky for you, we speak their language, and can translate for you.

Each blueprint is normally $500 alone, which is an amazing price.  But because we are fellows in the American College of Healthcare Trustees, you get a special offer: $900 for both blueprints which work together in harmony to help you navigate through the maze.

But don’t take our word for it.  Here’s what Nathan Forshey recently said about the two blueprints:

“My first thought was, ‘But I already have an IT company, and they are doing their job…right?’  I mean, does anyone outside of IT really understand how all of this stuff works? I certainly don’t, but am so thankful that we recently had Craig and Petronella Technology Group perform an audit of our safeguards, processes, and procedures to make sure we protect our client information the way we are supposed to. They also were able to perform an audit of our website and offer suggestions how to improve our SEO. Craig and his team made the entire process easy and the results were amazing! I highly recommend you letting his team take you through the same exercises that we did and help you understand what you are doing well and where you and your company could be exposed.”

Nathan Forshey, Firm Administrator, Raleigh Divorce Law Firm.

For $900, which is just a fraction of the price of what other companies charge, you will get:

  • HIPAA Essentials Security Checkup
    • Gives a bird’s eye view of the current landscape
    • Identifies vulnerabilities that need to be remediated
    • Gives you a blueprint to NIST compliance, specific for your business
  • 23-Point SEO Checkup
    • Reviews over 23 technical points related to your digital marketing, website, and SEO, to uncover issues with your current SEO plan so you can learn how to win more government contracts
    • Like the NIST Essentials Security Checkup, it gives a bird’s eye view of the current landscape by giving you a detailed look at exactly where your marketing is today
    • Provides you with a blueprint detailing the exact steps needed to get your business on track to bring more patients into your practice

HIPAA compliance is already complicated enough.  Let us worry about that while you just focus on healthy patients!


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